Live Sea Monkeys- The Best Gift I Have Ever Received!

I realized that my son's birthday was just around the corner and began wondering what to buy as a birthday gift. Ok, I probably should have got started shopping a few weeks prior, but work kept me running in a hundred different directions, and I waited until the last minute. I was tired of buying the same old junky toys for him and wanted to buy something special. Shopping for a first grader can seriously limit your selection, especially if you're looking for something useful, valuable or high quality. While doing some birthday shopping, I found the most wonderful gift for my son. I found a place to buy live Sea monkeys!

I remember having these adorable little pets when I was a child; I remember opening and setting up the kit with my father on Christmas morning. I could not believe that in a matter of hours I would have actual live Sea monkeys swimming around in my tiny plastic tank and felt a bit skeptical. Sure enough, as promised, when I checked back in a couple of hours, there they were– real, live Sea Monkeys swimming around in the water. They didn't look a whole lot like they did on the box. They were not pink, I couldn't see their eyes and they did not have crowns on their heads. Still, they were alive and swimming, and they were mine.

So what exactly are live Sea monkeys?

Despite what the box would like you to think, Sea Monkeys are not monkeys all. In fact, they are actually brine shrimp. Brine shrimp originate from eggs, which have a unique characteristic that is known as cryptobiosis. This allows the brine shrimp eggs to remain viable, even when they are stored in dry conditions, just as they are in the package of "live sea monkeys". When the brine shrimp eggs are added to salt water, they hatch within a few hours into live “Sea monkeys”. These tiny sea creatures aren't very large; they usually will grow to a total length of no more than 1 centimeter.

How long do Sea Monkeys live for? What is the life expectancy of a Sea Monkey?

Sea monkeys do not have a long lifespan. Actually, they have a biological life cycle of approximately one year. This is an optimum conditions, and when a child is responsible for caring for brine shrimp, one year is a very high expectation.

What do I feed live Sea Monkeys?

In the wild, Sea Monkeys, (or brine shrimp, as they are otherwise called) usually eat planktonic algae. In captivity, such as the novelty Sea Monkey kit, they can be fed flour, yeast or soybean powder. They are not picky eaters and are extremely tolerant of different levels of salt in their water. This makes them a good choice for children. They are often sold as live fish food in various aquarium supply stores.

Buying Sea Monkeys for your child is a unique gift that has educational value.

The Sea Monkey kit was a relatively inexpensive purchase, considering that it came with everything I needed to grow live Sea Monkeys. The kit came with a small plastic tank, Sea Monkey eggs, salt, instructions and of course, food. Once the eggs hatch in the small tank and your child sees the live Sea Monkeys, you can explain that you can “train” them to follow your commands! Simply use a flashlight to guide your Sea Monkeys were ever you choose. Brine shrimp will naturally follow any light source and will continue to swim in the direction of the light, much to your child's amusement. Sea Monkeys are still as fascinating now as they were many years ago. They make a great gift, and can teach your child the value of learning to care for a pet.

Coloring books will eventually get full, markers eventually dry out and toys will break. The gift of Sea Monkeys is a special one, and one that can last for a very long time. I hope that your child enjoys raising these amazing sea creatures as much as my son did. Oh, and by the way, make sure that you act shocked beyond belief as soon as these little guys begin swimming around in the tank. If you don't, your child may become suspicious and begin to question the Magic of the sea monkey.

Sea Monkeys

Sea Monkeys Are Great For Children