The average American watches just under 4 hours of TV a day. That is 52 full days a year of watching TV. That is around 15% of their life being wasted watching television. Isn’t that a bit disturbing. Watching TV has little to no physical or mental exertion. It’s mind numbing. I fell into that trap myself. I would leave the TV on for hours at a time. I’d be searching the web, and watching TV. Or I’d be eating and watching TV. Everything I did seemed to revolve around the TV. But today, I can safely say, I learned to live without television. It was challenging at times. TV can be very tempting but once I learned to set myself up to win I was able to live without television comfortable.

Get Rid Of The Source

To live without TV it’s best to just remove the TV and cancel the cable completely. If you live with someone else this may not be an option. At the very least you should not have a TV in your bedroom. TV is addicting just like anything else. I can make you feel better when you’re down and if you have access to it, during weaker moments, most people can’t fight it. Make watching TV a challenge for yourself. The hard it is to set up the TV again the better. When given the choice between moving the TV, plugging it in, plugging in the cable, or just reading a book you have a better chance of picking reading.

Get Alternatives

The next thing I did to live without TV was to give myself plenty of alternative choices to TV. Instead of watching TV I would be able to pick from a couple of books or listen to a particular cd. At times I’d have an instrument to teach myself during the moments I’d normally reach for the TV remote. Using the old TV time to learn a new skill is great. You get to learn a little more while keeping your brain sharp. I intentionally avoided the internet, that’s another great addiction. Some might feel more comfortable with it than me.

Love the Silence

Every moment in life in not supposed to be filled with excitement. Life is meant to have it’s quiet stretches. There will be times when you don’t feel like doing anything. You will just want to veg out in front of the TV. Vegging out is fine every once in awhile but don’t let it make you turn on the TV. Silence is a good thing. You’ll relax better and you’ll have the freedom to organize your thoughts. Over time you’ll even learn to appreciate not having any distractions.


Your time in life is limited. Do you want to spend 15% of your time just watching TV? There are so many better options in life. Step up and try them out. Don’t let any mind fill like TV get in your way. It will be better for you, and your family. Don’t let your lives slip away. Toss the TV today.