When you walk through a city or just sit back and watch television and you see the bright lights, the big city, the house you want, the car, the designer clothes and the lifestyle that you've dreamed of what does it do to you?  Does it inspire you or do you already give in to it not being possible? What would it take to reach that goal that you are thinking of?

Is it so far out of reach?  Honestly.... what would it take for you to reach that goal?  This happens everyday to the average dreamer and the true question really is, is it that far out of reach?

You have to live your dream, little by little in order to get to where you aspire to be.  It takes far more than just dreaming to get there but you also don't need to go all in.  If your desire is to live that high fashion life it's not as hard as you think.  Research what you think you need to bring your dream to reality.  Knowledge is power and when you do your research and understand all the aspects that go into your dream the doors begin to open up.  You begin to put yourself into areas and opportunities that begin to build your dream into reality.

After you understand what you need to do and where you want to go small implementations need to be added to begin the change to reality.  There is no need for quantum leaps, just baby steps.  But there is a catch....all these steps need to occur daily (twice a day if you are a go-getter).  Figure out everyday what you can do in order to take one step closer to your dream or the life you want.  This might be learning something new, exploring for your business, creating a new way to reach people through social media, or putting away a little extra cash to buy that shirt, pair of shoes, or watch that you've waited so long for.  All of these little things are what eventually makes things happen.  You can not be afraid to be a character, to dream, or attempt the impossible.

Bottom line is you need to have a plan of action and the drive to get there.  If you're not out there trying to get better, someone else is.  Enjoy this journey, don't let it consume your life and everything will fall into place.  Life isn't fair and that's why we dream and then make it happen.