How to live longer!

How long we live depends on how well we treat our cells.When you do things like drink to excess,smoke or become overweight,this  will shorten your telomere length.A short telomere means a short life.As cells get damaged they will reach a point when the cell commits suicide.As more and more cells die. This leads to the organ failing. Diseases may also start to appear.When you exercise and eat right you are doing things to prolong your life.

I have lost over 100 pounds and 6 inches in my waist.I am 55 years old now. I have lived a healthy life.I have a telomere length of a 35 year old.You can extend your telomere length with exercise and by eating organic foods.Telomeres cover the chromosomes  and  shorten when the chromosomes replicate.When the telomeres are gone we die.That is why it is a good idea do things that will extend them.You should also limit your cellphone usage or use the " hands free " equipment.Cellphones emit electro-magnetic radiation.You must limit your exposure to this radiation or you may get cancer.Make exercise a part of your daily routine.Exercise is mood enhancing.Feel Depressed? Take a walk. Exercise also gives you energy and helps keep you in shape.

Walking and riding my bike have helped me get into shape.Aerobic exercise is good since it creates new neurons or brain cells.We lose neurons everyday so it is good to do something that creates them.I have been reading about health for 10 years. I have followed the advice of books to be healthy. It has paid off for me. I have only missed one day to illness from work in the last 12 years.

The Diets that helped me go from over weight to in shape were Weight watchers and the south Beach diets. I recommend both since I have successfully lost weight with them. By losing weight I extended my telomere length.Always look at the food label when shopping.Buy only healthy foods.You need to watch your cell phone use too.Switch to hands free if possible. Too much usage can lead to cancer.If you out of shape consider starting and  exercise program. If you smoke,Think about quitting or cutting back.By doing that you will extend your telomeres and live a longer life.