After decades of shoveling fat charged cheeseburgers, and other unhealthy fast food down our throats, it is time to take our well being and longevity of life prospects seriously. Besides the normal vigorous lifestyle choices that have to be made, such as exercise, and taking vitamin supplements there is one plan that can exponentially boost your health in a short period of time. Juicing is one of the most advertised, but sadly, overlooked healthy living plans that a person can employ into their diets, and everyday life.

Unfortunately, you cannot just stand there in the mornings and squeeze some carrots, and celery into a glass for consumption. A juicer blender will be needed to facilitate this dietary supplement, and a standard blender or food processor is just not set up to handle this process. You might have seen a few juicing infomercials on television in the middle of the night in past years, and were tempted to purchase one. Be glad for the most part that you held off, as many of those units would not fully perform as described, and were taken off the market. The Vita Mix, and Health Master juicer blenders are a good spot to start performing your due diligence on juicing products.

You may be asking yourself why your juice extractor that you received as a wedding present or one that you bought at Wally World for less than twenty-five dollars would not work just as well. Two reasons: one is that the blades are not sharp enough, and two they do not have the horsepower that the juicer models come equipped with, and will not be able to create juices from solid vegetables or fruit completely. You will always have pulp left over, but with a standard blender, you will realize more solids than liquids when finished.

A great power juicing drink to concoct when you bring home your new juicer blender will be to add the following together for a great tasting and vitamin packed drink that will give you an extra punch of power. Just add the following:

Half a cucumber
One cup of spinach
Two leafy celery stalks
Three large carrots
One half of a Red Delicious apple

Just follow the instruction manual for your new unit, and with in a minute or so you will immediately be reaping the rewards of consuming healthy vegetable and fruit juices that not only supplement a daily meal in most cases, but will help stave off illness with your heart, mind, and body.