Being Effective

Effective Living

 Do you know anyone that seems to be working harder than everyone else and does not seem to get where they want in life?  For instance, do you know anyone that has decided that they did not need a college education for their particular niche while all along it would give them the competitive advantage?  Or maybe you have made something harder on yourself than it should be?  

I came to this awareness for myself when I made many attempts to workout daily and seem to fail every time.  Each time I failed I wondered why I could never keep up with my routine.  My routine consisted of running two miles, and doing resistance training for 45 minutes five days a week.  I was eager to find a solution not only with exercising but with other parts of my life that seem to have the same issue.  Therefore I decided to do a little research for myself to solve my problem.  I went through countless articles and books that discussed how to better yourself.  All these things helped a little but didn’t seem to solve my problem completely.  

I did not find the solution not until during Christmas dinner with my family.  I was speaking to my cousin who is a fitness trainer and told her about my issue with exercising and being able to keep up with my routine daily.  I explained to her that I have tried everything and asked for her advice.  After my cousin got a grasp of my issue she enlightened me on what I should do.  She gave me an unexpected solution to my problem.  She simply said, "Workout less".  I asked  her, "What do you mean workout less?".  She went into detail what she meant.  She basically told me that I was "exerting my body" and that's when the light bulb turned on in my head.  I finally understood what I had to do to not only solve my issue with exercising but also with other factors of my life.  Basically, what clicked with me was all this time I was making things harder on myself than I should have.  What she meant by me exercising less was simply start small and build myself up again.  The point of exercising is not try to build muscle and become healthier in a short amount of time, but about progression.  Sure it will take time but I will have longevity compared to burning out every week.  

Basically, making things simpler on yourself and more effective is better than working twice as hard at something and getting less results.  For instance, Warren Buffet one of the wealthiest people on the planet is not wealthy because he was lucky, or inherited any money.  He's wealthy because he figured that he did not want to work 20-30 years and have nothing to show for it but dimes and nickles.  So what did he do?  He knew he can make things "easier" on himself if he spent his time "effectively" by studying the stock market.  Another example would be some college students that plan and organize versus students that do not.  College students that plan their schedule accordingly between studying, work, and class sessions obviously do better in school versus a student that does not.  Thus, what this all shows is that taking the time to think about how to make things easier on yourself, and how to be more effective will give you an advantage.  If you  have something that you want, or a goal that you want to reach.  I ask you, what things can you be doing to help you get those things and how can you reach it with ease and effectiveness?  Those are things to think about.

I'm proud to say that since my conversation with my cousin I have been exercising daily for the past three months without any burn outs.  Furthermore, I have also applied this mantra to other parts of my life and it has worked like a charm for me.  I hope you find this helpful, and I hope you apply it to your own life. 


Best Regards