Epic travel

I would like to share with you a journey. Not one that has happened in the past but one that is continuous and indefinite. A journey of insatiable wanderlust that fuels me with desire to seek rather than settle. A journey with a lifestyle that I have chosen rather than complied with. A journey that makes me feel alive rather than to simply exist.

I am currently on that journey and I would like to inspire you to have your own epic journey in life.

In the next 3 parts of this epic article I will guide you on what it takes to live life without boundaries.

On the road

What's Your Story?

Here’s the common story, you go to school, graduate, get a job, find a partner, get married, buy a house together, and have kids then keep working until you can have enough money in retirement to just to take it easy or travel. Of course it doesn’t always follow this formula but you get the idea. Can you see something fundamentally flawed about this common story most people follow?

Why do we have to be ‘stable’ before we can travel or just enjoy life? Are we that enslaved by the invisible shackles of societal expectations that we must conform to its rigid nature?

I ask myself all the time how can I live differently? How can I be free and just do what feels right? And how can I live an epic life on the road? I know it might seem irresponsible to just leave behind everything and pursue my own goals however isn’t that exactly what we’re conditioned not to do?

My Story

Having been following my passions whilst traveling for the past 3 years I have grew immensely and have done things I would have never done if I had just conformed to societal expectations. Having said that, it is my imperative to hopefully inspire you to follow your passions as well as share some important insights on ways to break the mold and live epically on your own road.

I will be making references to some of my friends and my sister’s amazing journeys (whom are my great inspirations for my travels) – their unique ways of traveling has inspired me to find solutions to challenges I would usually think about in a one-dimensional way.

On the road

Why Live Epically on the Road

First of all, what do I mean by living epically on the road? It basically means you break the conventional mold that society prescribes and go off on an adventure to wherever your heart desires.

How many times have you heard about people hating their jobs? Without going in too deep, people hate their jobs simply because they aren’t following their passions! Think about it this way, if you followed your passions you would love every second of it irrespective of the challenges, salary, colleagues, hours etc. Interestingly enough, the word ‘passion’ comes from the Latin word ‘patere’ which means to suffer. So are you passionate about your current job that you are willing to suffer for happiness and fulfillment?

IF not, I would definitely recommend re-evaluating your life – I admit I’m not a career counselor but it doesn’t take a degree to tell someone that if they aren’t happy doing what they are doing then it’s time for a change.

Is This the Right Thing for You?

Living epically on your road is not for everyone. It takes some special qualities (which I will list later) and resources to be able to just survive let alone thrive. Nevertheless I believe we all have the potential to do whatever we truly desire, even if it means shunning all our responsibilities.

There is no doubt that traveling is one of the most rewarding and powerful things you can do in life especially when it’s coupled with following your passions and purpose.

Traveling allows you to interact with people from all walks of life, teaches you the invaluable lessons of life and enriches you with visceral experiences that can change your whole perspective on life. It helps define yourself and your purpose in life whilst guides you towards becoming the greatest version of yourself. In addition to all this, the sheer wealth of stories you will accumulate will make you a truly unique individual with amazing stories to share with those who are lucky enough to cross your path.

You can easily give excuses why you cannot do something but the only thing you will be doing is short-changing yourself in the long-run. The real power comes in giving yourself excuses to do something you truly desire. So give yourself more reasons to leave everything and go on a global scavenger hunt for the missing pieces of your inner puzzle. Find out what makes you tick, what makes your heart beat with purpose and what potential lies dormant within the inner sanctum of your soul.

So let me ask you a question, do you want to live epically on the road or live mediocrely in a box?

I’m going to assume since you’ve read up to this point that you are looking to change your life for the better so let’s get started.

compelling reason

Your Compelling Reason

Before you even embark on an epic journey around the world you need to know what your compelling reason is. Without a reason, a purpose, or a goal you would be destined to wander aimlessly and hopelessly in life. This reason must powerful enough to compel you far beyond your comfort zones and into uncharted destinations. It will give you direction when you are lost and it will enrich your life with purpose when you’re just about to give up.

Your reason may be as simple as wanting to see the wondrous beauty the world has to offer or as complex as completing the jig-saw puzzle you call yourself.  Whatever your reason, it must be strong enough to make that leap of faith.

Take some time to really think about what you want in life. No, really take a lot of time, over days, weeks or months – leaving everything behind and going on a world adventure in the spur of the moment might sound like a good idea, however you really need to think about your responsibilities and the consequences of your actions.

This is more of a spiritual activity than a mental one. Find that burning desire within, that little beating drum inside you that has been silenced by the voices of expectations from others. Clear your mind and hone in on hearing that tiny voice, let it grow louder until it changes your body’s entire rhythm, where you feel alive with purpose and filled with conviction – that is when you’ve found your reason to live epically on the road.   

O.k now that we have a compelling reason, let’s check what are some useful qualities and resources to have to make this an epic life on the road!