The Olympic Games

Not Everyone is happy.

Well it come around fast,in fact apparently too fast for the Security firm who won the bid to make sure the games were safe for every-one athletes and visitors.Sadley to say at the last moment the Government has called in the army who are being recalled back off leave when they have just come back from places like Afghanistan,which too me is disgusting,but the Government who originally excepted the bid from this security firm don't think there is anything wrong with that? Oh and may i add the Government has not apologised for yet another Gaff of which there are many.I feel sorry for the army as not only are they not getting any downtime to relax and only last week the Government announced massive cuts to our military,so their jobs weren't going to be there when they came back from deployment.Do not worry though as the government came up with a great idea to make them all traffic wardens laughable if it wasn't so serious,if a car backfires instinct they will hit the ground.I am interested in seeing if any of these soldiers they have brought in for the game after they are over.Watch this space.

Myself and a lot of people I know are not big fans of the game's,living so close to it anyway and plan to move out for the four weeks.It is not so much the games itself,it's the fact prices have rocketed around here,anxiously waiting for the visitors to the games,and at the same time not considering their usual customers which i think will find they will lose out in the long run,as they sting us anyway being an all year tourist place,but we swallowed that as we have to eat and drink,but now its pure greed,so in future I will travel that bit further for my groceries or order online,and so will a lot of people.

I have no idea how the transport system is going to cope with this influx of visitors they struggle on a day by day service,in fact it's that unreliable it has its own slot on morning television,and i sit looking at these traffic jam's,and tube breakdowns and just wonder what t is going to happen with all these extra people,everyday something go's wrong? Yet again the Government has come up with yet another Jem,everyone who uses the public services to get to work could you please either stay at home or come into the City by bicycle for a whole month even though they have paid in advance for a year's travel at extortionate cost,they never cease to amaze me?

So recapping myself and the sensible people who are living right next to the Olympic's are leaving for four week's as we cannot afford to live here.The poor army have a crappy job to do when some of them should be on leave.The transport system will collapse,and the Government have  lost the plot.I wish everyone involved a safe and happy game's,i can hear the helicopter's as i write.Time to move away now i think,because if an airplane fly's nearby they are going to shoot it down so i will taking all my valuable's with me.

Thankyou for Reading,