What is this present moment

If you want to have real peace of mind, you must live in the present moment. For the uninitiated, everyone lives in the present moment. How to live in the past or in the future, for the past is gone and the future is yet to come? Definitely we are all living in the present moment. Physically we are. But our minds are not.

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The wandering mind

The mind regrets the past, the mistakes we made. The mind worries about the future, the uncertainties of life. The mind is exhausting itself; hating events and persons who had caused it miseries in the past. The mind is debilitating itself; planning revenge and worrying over future problems and catastrophes. We are creatures of habitual thinking about the wrong things at the wrong time. We are not living in the present moment. That is why we are not at peace with ourselves at any given time. We live with a perpetual agitating mind, a continuous wandering mind. We carry with us two very heavy baggages, one on each hand. One contains regrets, resentment and hatred from the past. The other accumulates fear and worries of the unknown future. With these two heavy baggages, we wobble along the journey we call life.

These regrets, resentment, hatred, fear and worries are all mental poisons that make us unhappy along the dangerous path of impending sickness. These are unseen negative “forces” that eat away our mental health. When our mental health is deteriorating, our body system will be likewise adversely affected. In the long run, our body immune system will become weak, opening the door for viruses and germs to attack our bodies.

Be mindful, be peaceful

So, beware! If you want to live in peace, real peace, then take a few steps backwards and contemplate what has been written above. We are talking about peace of mind within oneself. We cannot control peace on earth, but we can control our own peace of mind. Throw away the two heavy baggages, and you will be able to walk straight with confidence, happiness and peace of mind. Once done, you are not burdened by the past, nor worried about the future. You are now living in the present moment; here and now. Whatever you are doing now, be mindful of what you are doing; not thinking about the past nor worry about the future. If you constantly practice this principle of living in the present moment, the negative “forces” will eventually be reduced, replaced by the healthy, positive “energies” which give life its exhilarant vitality and colorful radiance.