Enjoying life
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Live your life, not endure life

Today life is a grind. We are motivated by trying to make as much money as we can, yet we are in more debt than ever before. We sit in front of the TV watching other people doing things. We look for ways to have fun and yet we find ourselves too busy. We as a society need to get out more and do things that make us happy and less things that depress us or make us upset. This is not something that will happen passively. This is something that must be done intentionally and we have to set a goal to make time to enjoy life! Here are some ideas that can be done to spice up our lives and let us live for a change.

Head to the great outdoors

There's something invigorating and renewing about being in the outdoors. Hiking, mountaineering, cycling, playing outdoor sports, and more. The outside really is what we as a society have lived in for a long time. People only went inside to sleep, eat, and relax a little before going to bed. We love the outdoors, and yet things have changed today where all our time is spent in a little box called our house, or a slightly bigger box like a movie theater or mall. Head outside and find some fun things to do out there! Some people like to take a walk in the woods nearby and think and clear their minds. Some people like to do outdoor activities like gardening or landscaping. Doing things outside is healthy and reinvigorates us so that when we have to return to the "grind" we are renewed with youthful energy and a clear mind to tackle the next big thing.

Take part in something extreme

Just yesterday a bunch of my friends posted a video and pictures of them skydiving. Wow! Jumping out of an airplane is not only a rush, but extreme! Some people like to travel the world and see all kinds of exotic places and take pictures. Some people like to run a marathon or embark on a 5 day hiking journey with their tent and equipment. There's an endless list of things you can do, but something that gives you a rush and makes you excited is important. Our bodies and minds respond well to doing things that are out of the norm or extreme in a good way. I've found people that I know who are healthy and happy, and the common theme between them is they tend to lean towards the extreme and live life! I've noticed other people who are depressed and pessimistic usually were people who just worked their whole lives and when done came home and didn't really do anything. This is not healthy, nor is it something that's good for our well-being. Go rock climbing, dirt biking, wakeboarding, surfing, anything! You will that your lives will improve all the greater when you get involved with fun invigorating activities.

Invest in others

Have you ever helped someone out with something and felt good about it afterwards? Of course you did, because it feels good to help others! I know people in my workplace, groups, and family who help others out a lot and they are loving life because it's fulfilling to bless others and assist them with things. People enjoy help others by being a friend, others by getting involved in nursing homes and helping the elderly, still others by helping people move or fix something that was broken. The point is we get a certain satisfaction out of helping others and it offers health and wellness benefits to our minds and bodies. Get involved with others and take part in fun activities that make a difference.

Find new hobbies

We all have hobbies, but finding something new and interesting to take part in really gives us a passion and a zeal to enjoy life. There is so much out there that I won't bother making a list, but suffice to say that when you find a new hobby or activity to do it will make you excited and want to do it more. I personally find enjoyment in a lot of outdoor activities, but I also like to play mock stock investment games and see how I do. I love writing articles for infobarrel. I love to play the guitar and listen to music. And there's so much more out there that I'm excited to find out the next thing that will pique my interest. Look for something that is interesting to you, even if it might seem silly to others or hard to figure out. My brother loves to solve rubix cubes and beat his times. What an amazing hobby, and watching him is pretty fascinating. Find something you love and do it, don't sit in front of the TV all day!