Black American Express CardLiving like a billionaire sounds like a dream come true. As many of us go through life, we learn to live within our means. So are billionaires really better off or just get to play with more expensive toys?

1) Designer Perfumes:

Clive Christian is the maker of the most expensive perfumes for men and woman. There are signature fragrances that range up to a couple of grand per ounce. However, on special occasions the designer fragrance will release special edition, limited bottles at a much more expensive cost.

2) Designer Watches:

Patek Philippe is a Swiss watch manufacture that produces fancy watches. For a few million dollars, one might buy a timepiece that is capable of telling the time of all time zones at the same time. Very convenient for a traveling billionaire.

3) Fancy Cars

Wether a billionaire is on the market for a Bugatti Veyron for some high speed chase, or needs a more a bit more less revealing, like the Mercedes SLR McLaren, he can expect to dish out a pretty penny. Maybe more like 50 to 100 million pennies. That's not even including taxes or insurance!

4) A Jeweled Bra

Just wait for the Victoria Secret Christmas catalog, and place an order for a fantasy bra. Can you imagine calling up the customer service number and saying "I'll take a fantasy bra please"? I bet if the customer service rep was working for commissions, she would just die. Of course, there is probably some disclaimer in their contract stating "commissions excludes the fantasy bra".

5) A Box of Chocolates

For only a couple of grand, some special someone can eat a whole lb of Knipschildt by Chocopologie. Available in singles for $250.00 each. Wonder if it's like those chips that no one can each just one? Available with pre-orders only, but I wanted a sample!

These items are very extravagant, but many people dream about having such luxuries. Is it simply because we do not have them? Would it mean the same if we were able to simply lay down a Black American Express Card, and say "I'll take 20 for my closest friends and relatives"? In the end this riches might buy what I call impulse happiness, but it doesn't buy true happiness. By the way, impulse happiness is that instant gratification you get when receiving or buying something new and shiny. Like all those candy sweets and toys around the check outs of the stores. Them overprice items that our children beg for. Those are called impulse items. They are simply there to take your money and give children instant gratification.