There has been much in the news about the Oil Spill. They use it like a the boogie man to scare people into watching there programs. But living through what is quickly becoming one of the worst spills of all time is something that is hard to describe. To begin with it's the lack of people that hurts the most. This is the one time of year on the gulf coast when money should be flowing into this area. The beauty of our beaches is gone ,but we don't have time to notice that really. We are all to busy trying to make it day to day to notice things like that. So to help out the rest of the country, I'm going to give an average day for me. I'm a server in a restaurant near the gulf coast. I get up in the morning to the smell of oil in the air. It is so thick that you just want to go back inside to get away from it. I get in my car and drive to work. The roads are empty and the whole town just sort of seems closed down. I get to work that is dead when we should be packed, every day till the end of the summer, and stand around making 2.18 an hour wondering what I'm going to do when the money I put away runs out. I get done with my shift and head home where I will turn on the T.V. to see constant coverage of the event. I go to bed to prepare for another day. This is the life I have now and I'm lucky to have it. Lots of people don't have a job to go to period. And while BP is hiring people to work on beaches, and they are giving checks to those who can't get a job with them it isn't enough. I know people complain constantly but it really is scary down here right now. Lots of people don't see any future for our area. Today on the news was a story of a charter boat fisherman who committed suiced. This man has worked his life on the gulf and suddenly it was pulled out from under him. Though his is an extreme case everyone on the coast in my area is filling some form of this. The knowledge that it's coming and you are completely helpless to do any thing about it. We don't know if we will even have a job tomorrow let alone what may happen next year. People all over the country are talking of making BP pay. How do you make them pay for a way of life? How do they bring back the jobs and futures that have gone up in smoke? How do you put a price on all of our futures? Until someone can figure out all those answers and implement them in some way we will continue to feel lost and hapless here on the coast. This is just my personal experience and those of the people around me but you can see it in the faces of any locals you come across, and hear it in there voices as demands become louder. That's it for this report so far but I'll up date this as things get better or worse here, in what was once paradise.