Living room decor allows you to change the look of your space inexpensively. You might not be up for a complete makeover or renovation but that doesn't mean that you can't keep your home looking bright and fresh. It's helpful to bring in new ideas or just repurpose the items that you already have to keep your room looking trendy. This doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot of money. Here are a few tips for living room home decor that is high on style but not on price.

If you're going for a country look try to beat the old clichés. Bring in a bright red sofa or purple curtains. Decades ago ceramic roosters and wallpaper boarders were very mainstream. This is one of the reasons why country style has really gone out of vogue in the interior design circles. Bring it back into fashion just by rethinking how people decorate with this design style. This might mean displaying a classic country quilt with your beautiful bright white sofa. You can also put a ladder in the corner that can serve as a plant shelf or coat rack. You can even find bookshelves that are very popular in more modern home décor styles that look like letters or stairs. Living room decorating ideas allow you to update the context of your space and keep the design style that you love even if it's cool chairs that would seem too modern.

Let the outside of your house dictate the inside of your house. You might have a new home just because you wanted to have an outdoor area for your kids or the view. You won't be able to be outside all the time because sometimes you have to wash the dishes and sometimes it's snowing. Instead, bring the same feeling that attracted you to the house initially inside your home. Imagine your space as indoor curb appeal. You can include a lot of the colors from your yard in the new design so that there is a sense of flow between the two spaces. This way the eye will be drawn from your living area to your mountain view. Just make sure that you recognize that the colors will change each season.

Find stylish storage. No matter the overall design style that you decide to go with, you'll really need to focus in on storage. This is especially true if you have kids or just a ton of dog toys. Armoires can serve as home offices, toy boxes, guest rooms, or entertainment centers. These furniture pieces are very substantial. Armoires might not be suitable for a small space, or it may just become the focal point of the room. This is great if your room lacks architectural details such as a fireplace because then you will be able to bring in the focal point of your choosing.

Find a way to display traditional items in untraditional ways. Sure, most homes have a photo collection in the living room. Most living rooms also contain some kind of a floral arrangement. This can seem kind of cliché but if it makes you happy then find a way to make it work in your room. You can group all of your photos together to create a collage effect. Instead of using a lot of floral arrangements just go with a live orchid that will bring a sense of color to your space.