Living room design ideas help you work with your existing space to turn it into a space that you actually love. You can create themes or just incorporate your favorite colors into almost any space if you know how to do it wisely and efficiently. Here are a few tips for creative living room design ideas that are also very easy to live with later on.

Change out your light fixture. Light fixtures are often one of the items in the room that become dated pretty quickly. Just think about it. Walls and floors are pretty much always in fashion as long as they're neutral. The lighting is what will change from decade to decade. Of course you want to make sure that you follow proper safety procedures or hire a trained professional to install your new light fixture. If you want a modern look, then go with an oversized drum shade. If you want a traditional or French look then go with an oversized crystal chandelier. This can become the focal point of your room if you don't have a lot of architectural details going on.

Your biggest tools in living room design ideas are the colors that you choose. You want to find a nice blend between masculine and feminine as well as neutrals and more dramatic colors. You can make almost any two colors work together as long as you find the right balance and style as well as tone. It will take a little bit of experimentation even then. It can be a fun process and its well worth in the end.

Find a creative way to display books, DVDs, and your TV. You probably have a lot of books in boxes or in the garage that are just begging for a home. Turn them into works of art just by taking off dust covers and displaying the books in new ways. You want to avoid floating shelves, even though these have a contemporary style, just because they can hold a lot of weight. You can even make a custom end table with lots of storage for your books. So it looks like its just glass sitting on a huge stack of books. You could also create a floor to ceiling shelving system. This might seem like it would be too oppressive for small space; just make sure that it isn't too wide. It just needs to be wide enough for your books. It will give you much needed storage space. You might want to add a few doors to hide away your unsightly items such as your DVDs and any electronics equipment that you plan on having in your living room space.

You might want to make your living room design turn back the clock. You might be sick of the electronics equipment, wires, and computers that are so often found in the rest of the house. This can be an opportunity to bring in plush Oriental rugs and traditionally patterned sofas. This can be your escape from modern technology in your little getaway where you can just read a book and sit in front of the fireplace. Not every room in your home needs to have a TV in it. If you do have a TV try to hide it away in an armoire or at least disguise it with a more ornate frame.