Living room interior design ideas should compliment the best features of your room and hide any flaws. For a minimalist or contemporary approach, remove a mantel and expose the beauty of bare brick or rock. If your room feels too stark and cold you may want to add a mantle for a more traditional room. Pick the best feature of your space and then design around it. This could mean pulling colors that will compliment the view and draw the eye outward. This doesn't mean that you have to match the exact green of the trees in your yard or the blue of the mountains. It may be easier to think of your view as artwork and then pull a complimentary color for the walls. The view can be the pop of color in your room that will draw the eye outward.

Decorating living rooms can be expensive or it can be budget friendly. Gather up all of the scraps of fabric, wallpaper and half empty paint cans in your house. You probably have stuck to a certain color palette or idea throughout your home so you can use different materials from lots of different projects in the same space. You can make your own throw pillows or patchwork curtains using fabric. If you don't have enough wallpaper for an entire focal wall then just put the paper behind the bookshelves to make them appear more like built ins. Use the paint to make an accent wall or paint graphic blocks of color on one wall to serve as a focal point in the room.

Home living room decor should express where you have been and where you want to go. It makes a statement to your guests about who you are and how you live. You can create an eclectic look that is still pulled together. Instead of bringing home cheesy shot glasses or thimbles from trips invest in small pieces of pottery that can line bookshelves. A less expensive souvenir is to bring home a distinctive pebble that you can put in an oversized glass jar. You can turn saris into throw blankets. You can also capture the feel of your travels by using jewels tones like teal and purple for a Moroccan space. If you've always wanted to go on a safari recover one chair cushion with an animal print. Remember that a little zebra fabric goes a long ways and you'll need to balance it with neutral furniture and paint so your living room is still livable.

Living room home decor needs to both look beautiful and solve problems. You may want to skip a coffee table and look for an oversized trunk that can provide storage for your kid's toys. You can divide an open space like a dining room living room combination by creating a faux entry by placing bookcases on either side of the walkway. You can also hang screens from the ceiling to keep the rooms open but allow a little division and privacy.