Living room redecorating can solve a lot of problems in your home. You might not be up to extensive do-it-yourself projects or you just don't have the budget for a lot of renovations. Just a few little changes can make a big impact in your space as well as change the way that you feel about your room.

Living rooms are one of the easiest places to redecorate. In kitchens and bathrooms you have to deal with updating appliances and tile. In a living room your most costly renovations will probably be the furniture as well as new carpet. If you're lucky enough to have hardwood floors; you can probably just refinish them or lay down rugs to really show off the best assets of the room.

Change up your color palette. This may not seem possible if you are working with your existing furniture or your existing architectural details. However, you might just need to change how you think about color. Blue and yellows don't have to go together. You could try yellow and peach or yellow and white for more of a feminine cottage look. This will tone down any of the gold features in your room. You can make any color look different just by a changing your accent and secondary colors in the space.

Turn your fireplace into something you love. You might be afraid to paint the brick simply because it's so difficult to undo. Instead, try resurfacing the tile with a nice stone tile or you can always repaint your fireplace mantel. If you do decide to paint your brick then go with more of a natural stone look. If you really want a contemporary space then you're probably better off with a bright white or a dramatic black. Just make sure that you can live with either of these colors for a long time. Otherwise, it's probably best to try out a color gradient so it looks more like natural stone; you'll just have a natural stone look that you truly enjoy.

Give you room a sense of history. Decorating during a specific time can really give you a design direction that will last. This doesn't mean that you have to invest a lot of money in antiques. There are always cheap reproductions around and you probably already have a few traditional pieces that you can mix in with this style. For a really formal feel try placing family portraits on the wall. You can find these at auctions and add them in over time and it can become a family joke because it even if it isn't a picture of a member of your family.

You can also use this as an opportunity to get a room that is all your own. The boys in your house might like to hang out in the basement or their own rooms. This may be your opportunity (with permission of course) to get a space that is more feminine. This can be your retreat from the rest of the world. French tiles as well as shabby chic decor and cottage decorating can really work with pastel color palettes. If you pick a specific design style then your room will feel too juvenile. You can even base the space off of china that you have inherited. You can hang the plates on the wall and then bringing the pastel colors on the furniture. You want to add in a lot of solids as well as striped fabrics so the space doesn't become too feminine even if you're the only one using the room.