Wall decorations for living room use are a cheap and easy way to make a big impact in your room. It can get the theme across or serve as a pop of color. It's more than just hanging a painting on the wall. It defines your personality so make a statement with it. Instead of just hanging a painting on the wall group a dozen paintings for an art gallery effect that serves as the focal point in the room. Instead of putting a mirror over the fireplace hang dozens of mirrors on the wall for a modern take on a mirrored wall.

Ideas for Painting a Living Room

Wall painting designs for living room spaces should have personality without overwhelming the space. If you want white walls, go with a bright white that will give your room a fresh look and make the paint choice look intentional and modern instead of like builder's beige. You can layer your paint finishes to create a pattern like making a horizontal stripe around the room in a shiner finish over a flat wall. This adds interest without being overwhelming and gives your walls depth. If you use a basic paint color than go all out with your artwork. You can hang several paper lanterns from the ceiling to serve as a sculpture or combine the tops of umbrellas into an interesting art installation on one wall.

You may not think you like wallpaper; it might remind you of your grandma's house. You can turn it into the focus of your living room decor. However it's an instant way to add color and personality to living room walls. Just look for a bold pattern and use it sparingly in the room for a more modern space. You can just apply the sheets horizontally throughout the space. Keep the paper right above the furniture for a modern take on more cutesy country wallpaper borders. The rest of the room can stay your paint color of choice. If you have a dated mirrored wall in your living room let it work to your advantage instead of it being a liability. You may be able to etch the glass with an art deco design and use the mirror as an opportunity to bounce light throughout the space and make your room feel bigger. You can also get a more modern touch with wall decals for living room use.

Living room painting can be the artwork in your room. You can add texture and pattern to your walls with paint. You'll be able to create a custom color palette and design for just the cost of a few dollars worth of paint. For a modern look try painting an oversized stencil in block letters from your favorite book. The words can fill up the entire wall and they'll definitely give your guests something to look at. Just keep the treatment on one wall so it doesn't overwhelm the space.

Living room walls can be modern especially if you want the most popular paint colors for living rooms. Usually this is white. This is especially important if you're working with a contemporary or neutral room. The living room wall decor should add texture to the space so your room doesn't feel bland. Try a glass cloth paper for a natural texture that is still modern. Pull the colors from the paper for your flooring and furniture choices for a Zen vibe that flows together.