Living small

Living small doesn’t mean living uncomfortable. It’s an opportunity to decorate and create a cozy home that doesn’t feel cramped at all. Living in a city often means living small. Where rental prices are sometimes through the roof, people can’t afford a luxurious penthouse. Instead, they choose an apartment and make the best of it. Building and living more compactly is an important piece in the durability story. Living small in cities has –besides some disadvantages– plenty of advantages: you have to use less energy to heat the place, as your neighbors usually keep the cold from getting in with their heating. They act as a kind of insulation. Your heating costs can be reduced even more by insulating the space itself properly, which is the case in most modern residences nowadays.

Living in small spaces should be something to get used to, since the world’s population is increasing at a rapid rate, and space to live will become scarcer. Some people are used to having a lot of space (for example in the countryside), but this may change in the future. Many people will realize this when large spaces won’t be affordable anymore. As always, their wallet's contents will be critical.

However, living small shouldn’t be something to be reluctant about. With the following tips and tricks, you can make your living place more comfortable and useful.

Tips and Tricks

There are a few ways to make a small home look and feel much bigger.

Living compactly

The Layout and Design

Think about the layout and design of your home. This may be a real puzzle, but it’ll be worth the time when you can fit a lot on a relatively small area. Sometimes it may be good have some polyvalent rooms: transforming a couch into a bed, using a desk as a table, ... With some creativity, you can be very effective.

The Windows

When possible, use large windows that allow in a lot of light. Aside from paying less for lighting the place, it won’t look as cramped as without windows. You use the environment outside your home to contribute in your home. If possible, use glass walls and avoid using dark, heavy window frames.

Don't Be Messy!

Try giving everything a spot, so you quickly know where something is. Use all available space and don’t hesitate to hang some things from the ceiling as well. You don’t have place to let things lying around all the time. Bad news if you’re a collector.

Choose Your Furniture Well

Don’t opt for heavy, dark furniture, but try using light colors. Dark colors will absorb much of the incoming light through your large windows. The same goes for the painting. Instead of choosing the heavy oaken table, consider the glass one. Try finding minimalistic chairs instead of massive ones. Some people also consider a big stairway –just like a car– as some sort of social status. Unfortunately, a subtle staircase suits a small home much better.

Trick Your Eyes

There are some ways to make your room look larger with some optical tricks. When possible, use high ceilings to create the impression of space. By using smaller ceiling boards or floor boards, more pieces of board fit on the floor or ceiling, and makes it look more spacious.

The Outside

In some cases you might be able to even set up a small garden on your roof. Well, when you’re living in an apartment and your landlord or local laws doesn’t oppose it of course.


With these tips and tricks, your life may become less stressed and you may feel yourself more at home at your place.

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