Life With Dinosaurs Today

The Earth hasn't seen dinosaurs for millions of years.  Scientists have many theories about what caused the dinosaurs extinction.  Whatever the cause was, what if it had never happened?  What if dinosaurs still roamed free today?  Life as we know it would not exist.  Many things would change.  For starters, you could have your very own pet dinosaur.  Humans would also have to contend with being hunted by carnivores. This could also lead to a more closed society, literally.

A Pet Triceratops To Call Your Own

Using my favorite dinosaur as an example, who could resist the opportunity to have their own Triceratops?  Herbivores would certainly be more manageable than carnivores, though who's to say nobody would try?  Unlike dogs and cats, a pet triceratops would need several acres of land to roam at a minimum.  Lots of room.  Finding enough land to keep it on would just be the start.  Fencing it in and complying with all laws and regulations would likely be the hardest part.  Imagine the immense costs involved in having it delivered, buying the dinosaur itself, and then insurance to cover any accidents.  That is nothing to say of the recurring costs of care and feeding.

A Test Of Cunning

With predators like Tyrannosaurs walking the earth, man would have had a difficult time hunting his own food.  Smaller dinosaur carnivores would have been relatively more manageable.  With only the most basic tools available, running and hiding would have been the order of the day for the larger ones.  As man improved his technology, more effective tools would have been at his disposal. Siege weapons could have been modified, and then used to take down the larger predators.  This wouldn't be without risk, but would likely be a necessity for man to grow and expand.  Perhaps the dinosaurs would face a man-made extinction?

Dinosaurs In The Streets

Dinosaurs roaming the streets would wreak havoc on our streets.  Their massive weight no doubt pulverizing the pavement beneath them.  With no control over say, a Diplodocus, there would be many a car, fence, or perhaps even person caught under foot.  Measures would be taken to make sure at least the largest of the dinosaurs were kept safely away from the hearts of civilization.  The easiest way would be massive walls build, surrounding entire municipalities.  Trenches could also be dug in front of the walls for added protection.  Natural barriers could also be used to reduce the amount of resources needed.  Each city would need to be self-sustaining in that regard.  It would need a large enough population to build and maintain these walls, not to speak of workers to gather and refine the materials required to make it.  Life outside the walls would be considerably harsher.

A New Way Of Life

From these examples alone, you can see how different life throughout history would have been.  Dinosaur would be available to keep as exotic pets, man's hunting culture would be kicked into overdrive, and the construction industry would be twice as important as it is today.  Man would be required more than ever to rely on others.  All of these would be massive undertakings, requiring extensive coordination among workers to complete successfully.  And this would only be the beginning.