You Are Not Alone...Probably

Everyone gets that creepy feeling sometimes. That familiar hair prickling on the back of your neck, that sudden urge to run away even though you have no idea why. We have all gotten them, and we always wonder where they came from and perhaps even if there might be something else around us.

Lots of people have reported not only having these feelings, but also having them very often. This makes you start to wonder if maybe you are being haunted. Is that a ridiculous concept? Is there even a such thing as ghosts? Most people would actually say "yes" to both!

So are you haunted?


How To Tell

There are some signs to being haunted, and to haunting yourself! When you get those creepy feelings that make you feel pretty comfortable saying that you are the victim of a bona fide haunting, you should stop and ask yourself these questions first:

  • Where you just watching something scary?
  • Could there be someone around you trying to scare you?
  • Have you felt like this before?
  • Is it possible that you simply scared yourself?

Once you have eliminated these aspects you can move on the more possible chance of actually being haunted. Check out these questions and answer them honestly as well:

  • Have you visited a graveyard recently?
  • Have you messed with an Ouija board lately?
  • Have you experienced these feelings before?
  • Does anyone else in your family claim to be sensitive?

Where To Look For Help

Once you decide that you truly are being haunted, you need to start weighing out your options. DO you feel threatened in any way, or does it make you feel peaceful? This is one of the most important things you can think of.

If you feel threatened, you should really look into some help getting rid of whatever has started to spook you. If you think it's your granny that you miss terribly, you might want to wait a bit and see first.

Check out a few good websites with useful information about the paranormal on them. I recommend looking at The Shadowlands and Paranormal Perceptions. The first is a regular website with a plethora of information on it. The second is an updated blog by a paranormal investigator and enthusiast that explains many aspects of the entire paranormal world. Both are useful and both can help you.

You may want to visit them both and get as much information as possible up about what is happening to you. You might be able to take care of it yourself, or it could be something that you will simply need help with. Either way, always know your options, and try not to stress yourself out too much.