Whether you are looking to save a little money, save a little stress, or even save the world. Living without a car can be a very useful solution. It can cost a family over $6000 dollars per year to run a used car. A new car can cost over $10,000 a year. Do the calculations for your own vehicle. Just be sure not to forget the car payment, the insurance, the maintenance, and the cost of gas. Some people could save even more. Now take account of how often the car needs repairs and maintenance. Many people spend an exorbitant amount of time on making sure their car stays on the road. Going to get your car registered and inspected is another little time waster. Those also end up adding to the cost of running the vehicle. Even with all those factors leaning against it, cars still emit 20% of America’s greenhouse gasses. The same cars that are draining our wallets and our time are also damaging our world. I’m not suggesting we all don’t need a car. There are plenty of people in this world that could help benefit us all with their car usage. Unfortunately, people regularly overestimate their own need for a car. Here are a living without a car common misconceptions:

I live too rural.

Living too far from work is no excuse to use a car in most cases. If you live within 10 miles of where you work then you are still within reasonable biking distance. Someone with a little practice could easily live twice that far away from work. From day one you should be riding a quality bike, especially living that far away. The first few trips will be difficult. I recommend giving yourself plenty of extra time and hopefully practicing on days that you don’t need to hurry. You’ll be getting more and more fit every time you do it. Over time it will be just as easy as your old commute. It will also cost less and be a ton more fun.

I need a way to go on long distance trips

Some people regularly visit their family or have travel for work that is way too far to practically bike. I’ve had experience with that myself. If you travel a long distance once a week or less then it will still be cheaper to rent a car for those days. Sometimes you can even get a deal by regularly renting. If you have more than one day a week then can you reduce that to one a day a week if it would save you thousands of dollars a year? Maybe once every two weeks to save you even more.

It’s dangerous

It has its dangers. The majority of accidents are caused by a car drivers error but there are also responsible ways to prevent it and protect from it if it happens. For the bike riders out there these days bicycles can have front lights, back lights, mirrors, and reflectors that make the bicycle just as obvious as a car. Wearing a helmet as a precaution can make up for the occasional irresponsible driver. Odds are that nothing will ever happen. Be safe in case it does. For everyone that decides to walk instead of bike, just be cautious. Common sense will keep you safe. Just because you have the right of way, it doesn’t meet the driver knows it. Just wait for safe chances and you’ll make it there safely in no time.

These are a few common misconceptions about living without a car. It can save you money, it can save you frustration, and it can save the world. Not only that but some of the most common beliefs about living without a car a not true. You don’t need to be a city dweller to enjoy the benefits. Most long trips can be cheaper with car rental. Lastly, it’s only as dangerous as you let it be. Consider taking that car and tossing it today. For the less enthusiastic, maybe you can just try an alternative once in awhile. It helps everyone.