Fear is a limiting emotion. It stops us from being everything we can be. There are very few practical reasons people need to fear in their everyday lives these days. We are not likely to be chased by a tiger on a regular basis anymore. There is very little, to no likelihood we will die on the streets. The only fear that the average person should have is the basic physical cautionary instincts. We should fear the car speeding directly towards us. We should have fear leaning off a particularly tall building. We should think twice before touching the burner of a stove. Other than that general category of fears. The rest just slow us down.

What others might think

Fear of rejection and embarrassment is one of the most common. People have a need to be included in social circles. That is a natural human tendency but the world we’re living in provides us with the ability to always find someone else with our own odd quirks are uniqueness. Fear of rejection can be crippling for a salesperson but that isn’t at all what it should be. A rejection from a customer only means that you haven’t proved the benefits for your client enough. It’s feedback. Did you prospect your client incorrectly or are you selling it to them wrong. This same thought process can be used by anyone. Rejection is just feedback. If a potential mate doesn’t want to see you again you can just ask yourself the same two questions. The words they say don’t have meaning. It’s how you respond to them that has meaning. Will you lose hope or gain a lesson?

Loss is part of growth

Fear of loss is completely irrational in most cases. If it is something you did that put everything you have at risk then you might want to learn the lesson to never do something like that again. If you have no clear reason to fear losing what you have then you’re misrepresenting reality. The things you have don’t matter all that much. You’ve gained them all once and you can gain them all again if you chose to. The world is always going to throw unpredictable wrenches in our gears. Instead of fearing the loss of what you have you should be enjoying having what you have. If something ends up going wrong, you’ll be able to fix it, this time knowing exactly what to fix instead of spending your time worrying.

Move with the world

Fear of change is a waste of energy. Change is life. If you are not changing then you’re getting tired and stale. If you’re completely comfortable in your life then it’s time to step up and do something that will actually get remembered. Change is what you should crave in life. If you don’t crave it now then don’t worry. Make some changes for yourself. Encourage the changes that you fear and try to enjoy every second of it. The more you practice this the better you will get.

Unless you are living in a remote part of the jungle(or any other extreme environment,) you shouldn’t need most of your fear to get through the day. It will just slow you down from being the person that you want to be. What do you fear most? Then ask yourself this. Is it really helping me?