Living without work is not always the goal. I was lucky enough to create a great amount of money at a young age. I worked hard and at multiple jobs to get it. I earned every penny of it. I had the option of taking a temporary early retirement. I asked myself, Why work 40 years for something without first trying it? I learned a lot from that. Travel is fun but it does start to get old. Acting like a hermit is also cool for a while. That too gets old. Anything in excess gets old. Having a clear dream in place is great for getting ahead. But is that goal in line with the person you are? My goal was to have a portfolio of investments that could cover my basic living expenses so I don’t have to worry about the risk of not working for long periods of time (market risk anyone?) That may have been what I wanted but it’s not what I needed.

We need something steady

The dreams that people have often include the fun things like travel and volunteering. What it most often forgets is the inclusion of new routine. You might be thinking, “Right, the last thing I want is to have to stay in a routine. I want excitement.” The exciting in life never stays exciting. Doing what you want day after day is exciting for a while. Then, just like everything, it gets dull. That’s the time when you move home and are happy just to read some books and watch tv for a while. Too much of anything is bad. Routine can be a very strong goal that you’re trying to accomplish or starting a new business for you to run. You need it to feel fulfilled.

We need challenge

The next thing that people seem to forget about it growth as a human being. What are you doing that is going to make you more fit for the future? If you’re an older person you might think, I’ve done all the growing I can do. Now think about that person 10 years older than you saying the same thing. Everyone has more that they can contribute to the world and if you chose not to grow then you chose not to contribute everything that you can. The routine can be great for that. Just make sure you use the things that you’re doing as a chance to grow. Keep trying to learn more and grow more.

We need to help others

The last thing, that I missed completely in my early day is the most important of all. What are you contributing to the world? If you aren’t doing something to make the world better then you will be forgotten. You’ll always have to live with the fact that you’re limited by the constraints of someday dying. The more people you help, the more of a legacy you will leave behind you. Immortality was the goal of the kings in history. When you have ultimate power and wealth what else is there. While the kings often chose to chase a myth, history proves that the ones that live forever are the ones that try to change the world.

Living without work is not the goal. The goal is to do what you love day after day. You want to work so hard at it that you become great at it. Every moment of it you’ll want to be changing the world. Living without work is sloth. Sloth gets old fast. Fight for work that's meaningful that you wouldn’t retire from if you could. That is what makes you happy and changes the world.