A person's home environment is their comfort, their joy, their respite and their necessity. We all work long days and look forward to our evenings when we can enjoy the spaces we live in. But our home decor needn't be only functional and it needn't be classically decorated either. Adding touches that surprise and delight will welcome you each day, begging your sensabilities to smile and play. Whether it's  fairy tale, fantasy or just plain fun, here's some touches meant to please the playfulness in all of us.

The Miniature World

There's something about tiny things that just make us giggle. So it's by no surprise that creating small versions of life's big things will entertain (and they're so fun to put together)! As a fan of Alice in Wonderland, I couldn't help but wish to create my very own tea party....in miniature. So I began hunting around Ebay and pondering the perfect elements: a table, chairs, cakes, teacups, teapots, desserts, a candelabra and even a miniature copy of Through the Looking-Glass. Visitors are quite enthralled by the little scene which is housed in a small glass & metal plant shed. You could miniaturize anything though: a Victorian parlour, an English countryside, a medieval feast, a 50's diner...whatever suits your fancy!

Faerie Gardens

One of the newest trends is a throwback to Victorian times when people wished to make self-contained miniature gardens. Terrariums are experiencing a resurgence and the wonderful thing about them is that they're easily made and maintained! All one needs is large glass vase or even a large round glass fishbowl but there are more creative alternatives to the traditional housings. Recently I purchased a glass globe that can be suspended from the ceiling and it has a circular opening in which to place any smattering of live materials like moss or airplants. I even found a wood, metal and glass lantern (a patio tealight holder) that very much resembles Tinkerbell's lantern so imagine it with plants and Tink hiding in the garden. Any kind of whimsical touch can be added to a terrarium whether by ceramic mushrooms, miniature castles, precious stones, etc. The creative possibilities are endless!

Chalk It Up to Childhood Memories

Most of us are quite familiar with the days of school & hopscotch when drawing and writing with chalk was fun. There's a sort of relief with chalk and its impermanence; the ability to make mistakes and erase them at will. So imagine having a whole wall in which to doodle, write, quote, cartoon and create temporary masterpieces. Chalkboard paint is easily found in most paint stores or Home Depot. Turn a kitchen wall into a place to keep your to-do lists or menu planning. A bathroom wall transformed into a doodling canvas means brushing teeth can be fun. And you could even turn a piece of furniture like a dresser into a ready-made platform for Moroccan influence, Dr. Suess characters or holiday themes.

 A Touch of the Theatrical

Everyone has a beloved film. Why not pay tribute to a favourite by integrating something iconic into your decor? Harry Potter fans might find a place for a Platform 9 3/4 sign. An R2D2 wall decal might find itself onto a kitchen cabinet. A vintage typewriter with a single page reading 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' is a nice nod to The Shining. And Hitchcock would be proud if a faux raven found its way onto a curtain rod to keep an eye on your guests. No matter what clever way you pay homage, you're bound to have fun with it!

 Bringing the Out In 

Nature is a necessity for the soul. Without it, we're not grounded. Bringing it inside doesn't need to just be in the form of plants. With a little work, a driftwood stump can be made beautiful with a coat of gold or silver paint and voila! You have a neat sidetable or add a glass top for a coffeetable extraordinnaire. Beautiful willow branches in a fetching cermic/glass vase look whimsical when feather butterflies are attached. A cermic pot can become a water garden complete with lily pads, a fountain and floating ceramic goldfish. Sliced agate pieces look ethereal catching the light by hanging in windows or natural rocks look beautiful in a collection of glass vases. Bamboo could make an interesting curtain rod while ornamental birdcages filled with plants are unexpected. And don't forget to buy yourself flowers on a regular basis! You deserve it.

Imagination is all you need to make your space playful. Think outside the box and celebrate what delights you. Be surprising! Be clever! Be fun! Oscar Wilde really was right when he said that life is too important to take seriously! Your environment should take that to heart.