Anchorage, Alaska is one of the prettiest Cities in the world. Some people think that is simply a cold and barren wasteland and they dread the cold weather. There are parts of Alaska that can be considered as cold and barren wastelands, but not here. I can definitely see why people would not like living there, especially in the middle of the cold wintertime, but to me it is just a beautiful place.

Granted is definitely not the prettiest part of Alaska, but it is pretty gorgeous. If you suddenly move to Anchorage then you can feel at ease if you live there. Yes you can do things to learn and different customs that are honored there, but a move to Anchorage is not near as life-changing as a move to a rural place such as Barrow, Alaska.

There are a lot of normal things you can do in Anchorage such as gong to the library, softball, bowling, etc. There is also a lot of cool activities that may not or are not available where you come from down in the lower 48.

In and around this area you can also get involved in some true exploring. You can go see the Chugach Foothills that are the mountains shown in the picture above. You can also do cool activities such as hunting, gold panning, and hiking. Yes you can definitely go hunting, fishing, panning for gold, and hiking in the Contiguous United States but there is not as much character with doing it. In Alaska the fish are bigger, the game is bigger, the prospects of”hitting it rich” while gold prospecting is much higher, and the hiking will lead you from one breath taking scene to the next. Life in Alaska is grand, even if you simply live in Anchorage.

It lies in the South Central part of Alaska. Anchorage is by no means the furthest Northern City in Alaska. Almost the entire State of Alaska resides above Anchorage, although the majority of the population is in Anchorage.

Although Anchorage lies in the Southern part of Alaska, the town of Anchorage is still further North then other towns such as Saint Petersburg, Russia and Stockholm Sweden.

If you get the chance to visit or move to Anchorage then there are a lot of free and low cost activities you can do. Living in Alaska can be very expensive so it can come in handy to know of the many free and low cost activities that are available to people in Anchorage. One of the best things for visitors to check out first is one of the many museums that are in Anchorage.

If you get the chance to visit Alaska then you shoudl definitley go. Alaska is amazing, even if you never make it outside of Anchorage.

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