Living in Brooklyn offers people a bit of a break on expensive Manhattan rents. Many areas of the borough are almost as expensive but Bedford-Stuyvesant offers people affordable rental options while not being too far from the action in Manhattan. Brooklyn has plenty action of its own too so if you end up living in this area you will have lots of options to keep you busy and entertained.

You have lots of housing options if you are planning on moving to Bedford-Stuyvesant (also known as Bed-Stuy) including traditional brownstones interspersed with housing projects and even a few backpacker's hostels for new arrivals. Roommates can be found to share houses to bring the costs down for both.

Bed-Stuy has long been an intimidating area due to past muggings and shootings but crime rates are falling due to an increased police presences and the old saying "Bey-Stuy, do or die" is fading. Violent crimes are falling and the neighborhood is beginning to increase in safety. In years past the area was made up almost exclusively of African Americans but Bed-Stuy has become far more multicultural in recent years. People are generally friendly and neighborly and block parties and family barbeques are common here.

The main shopping area in Bed-Stuy is the Fulton Street Mall which is an outdoor mall where pretty much anything can be bought for cheap. There are no designer items here (not real ones, anyways) and the mall is a great place to stock up on the basics. The neighborhood is devoid of tourists and instead has a good community feel that you are unlikely to find in places in Manhattan.

Bed-Stuy isn't known for it's hopping nightlife but Herbert Von King Park is the neighborhood's main outdoor area with development events being held there a few times per week. The nearby Kosciusko Pool is a great place to cool off during the hot summer months and Prospect Park, Williamsburg and Brooklyn Bridge are all only 15 minutes away by bike.

Living in Bedford-Stuyvesant is a great choice if you are on a budget but still want to be close to Manhattan and other trendy areas in Williamsburg. It is a culturally diverse neighborhood and the affordable rents will mean that new arrivals will get a bit of a break and can spend their money enjoying themselves instead.