Brooklyn Heights is a neighborhood in, well, Brooklyn that has been home to many famous people over the years. Residents are a mix of people who have lived there their whole lives to young yuppies and families who have more recently arrived. It is a culturally and religiously diverse area with many different people living in Brooklyn Heights. It's boundaries are Old Fulton Street near the Brooklyn Bridge south to Atlantic Avenue and east-west between the river and Court Street.

The neighborhood is made up almost completely of brownstone buildings some which have been turned into mansions and others that still contain a single family. Housing here is expensive with brownstones costing up to 2.5 million. Because much of Brooklyn Heights is a historical area, there are few high rises. But apartments are still available and renting one here will cost much less than in a similar Manhattan neighborhood. It's still more expensive that many other areas of Brooklyn though so while moving to Brooklyn Heights will mean savings compared to Manhattan, it will still be pricey.

Brooklyn Heights is a safe place to live and one of the nicest areas in Brooklyn. The streets are well lit and many shops in the area are open late or even all night which makes walking at night less risky that in other areas of New York. Still exercise caution, but you don't need to be ultra-paranoid.

There are a great stretch of bars on Atlantic Avenue, including Pete's, which has a great beer selection, Floyd's, at which you can play Bocce inside, and Last Exit, a hipster bar with a good dance party on many weekdays and weeknights. Brooklyn Heights Cinema, on Henry Street, plays art movies. United Artists Court Street Stadium has 12 theaters, and shows first-run, blockbuster movies.

Atlantic Antic, a street fair that runs down Atlantic Avenue sometime is September, brings out many local food sellers, all of whom sell certain items on the street, as well as a variety of local craftspeople. Also in September is the Brooklyn Book Festival, in which borough hall is covered with various book publishers and sellers. The courthouse and the historical society host readings and lectures throughout the weekend, and there are also a lot of events that take place outside on the plaza. The book festival attracts many well-known and award winning writers. There's also a public library on Cadman Plaza West and Tillary Street.

Living in Brooklyn Heights means you are close to lower Manhattan and has good transportation links to the area. The 2, 3, 4, 5, M and R trains stop at Borough Hall and the A and C trains stop at High Street or Jay Street in downtown Brooklyn. The F train also stops a short walk away in DUMBO. In short, there's a lot of choice and the area is very well-connected.

Brooklyn Heights has a lot going for it from beautiful architecture, great transport and delicious food choices but all of that brings with it expensive house prices. Living in Brooklyn Heights is desirable and a great choice for anyone who can afford it.