Greenpoint is a popular area in Brooklyn that borders Queens to its north and Williamsburg to its west. It is an area with a large Polish community and the eastern part of the suburb is lined with Polish bakeries and an Eastern European feel. The neighborhood has a friendly, community vibe and young hipsters and yuppies are starting to discover its charms that long-term residents have known about for years.

Living in Greenpoint, the rent gets cheaper the further east you go. Many people find the neighborhood appealing because of its close proximity to Williamsburg so properties closer to this popular suburb are predictably more expensive. You can expect to pay less in Greenpoint for a studio or one-bedroom apartment than you would in Williamsburg. Most of the buildings are fewer than four stories high giving Greenpoint a very low skyline. There are a few new apartments near McCarren Park and others have popped up all over the neighborhood over the past few years. McCarren Park is the largest park in the area with plenty of space for outdoor activities like baseball, basketball and running and it even has an area for dogs. A farmer's market is held year-round on Saturday mornings. McGorlick Park in eastern Greenpoint is a smaller outdoors option with tables, park benches and a playground.

Because of the sense of community in the neighborhood, moving to Greenpoint is a very safe option. It pays to always be aware, especially at night when the streets can get quiet, but overall it isn't an area where you need to always be on your toes, day or night.

Greenpoint's nightlife can't compare with Williamsburg's but it still has a few good options. There are plenty of neighborhood pubs scattered around the area where you are likely to bump into the locals. Enid's and Matchless, across the street, are both good bars. Enid's has excellent food and a chilled vibe and Matchless comes equipped with dart boards and billiards tables. Otherwise Greenpoint doesn't really have too many nightlife options but that's when being close to Williamsburg comes in handy. The main shopping area in Greenpoint is on Graham Avenue and the nearby streets. There are vintage clothes stores and an Italian delis. There are a few independent coffee shops Cafe Grumpy on Meserole Avenue or Variety on Graham Avenue. Boneshakers is a good cafe selling vegan food.

The subway stops in Greenpoint are few and far between and you could find yourself living a 15 minute walk from the nearest one. The G train runs north and south and the L train runs into Manhattan in only a few stops. There are also several bus routes if you live too far away from the subway.

Greenpoint is a nice community with a laid back feel that still remains close to Manhattan and to Williamsburg. It makes a great choice for new arrivals to New York as it's cheap, but still not to far out to enjoy the pleasures of the big city.