The nicest places to live in Paisley

Paisley is an incredibly popular place to live and remains one of the least spoilt towns in the environs of Glasgow. Situated just under 7 miles from Glasgow itself Paisley is a very popular commuting location and the station and public transport networks are superb. While Paisley joins Glasgow in terms of urban sprawl it manages to retain a unique identity and a more sedate pace of live when compared to Glasgow itself. Paisley is the principal town of the Renfrewshire region and remains a centre of local politics and business in its own right which gives it plenty of options for anyone thinking of moving to the area. With that in mind we look at where to live in Paisley and what’s on offer when you are there.

Where to live in Paisley

Being a relatively small town Paisley manages to avoid most of the problems of the big city and there are no really rough areas or places you absolutely must avoid. Of course some areas are nicer than others though and some locations will suit more than others. Foxbar is a popular area for families as it has some great schools, parks and nurseries. It’s a popular family and older person’s area but still has a couple of nice pubs and easy access to the town centre. Hunterhill is also popular with nice houses and a relaxed atmosphere; it attracts the same crowds as Foxbar and has some beautiful houses. Dykebar is also great and gives great access to the countryside and the town centre. If you want something with easy access to everything then Ralston is a good bet as it offers easy access to schools and the towns shopping centres. House prices in Ralston are quiet expensive compared to other parts of the town but flats to rent in Paisley are nice here and not too overpriced – especially compared to many parts of Glasgow. For something cheaper the surrounding area does have plenty of small towns and the outskirts of Glasgow itself offer some cheaper rental options; though not as pretty.

What to do in Paisley

Paisley doesn’t have the same range of entertainments as its neighbour Glasgow but it does have plenty of beautiful architecture and lovely green spaces. The town tends towards the quiet but around the centre you can find plenty of great pubs and livelier bars if that’s what you’re interested in. Saucel Hill is a great place to stroll in the afternoon’s and offers great views of the town and the surrounding landscapes. However, the best entertainment is undoubtedly found in Glasgow with its vibrant artistic scene and its incredible nightlife and shopping. Public transport to Glasgow is superb so it’s fairly easy to get in and out of the city and enjoy everything it has to offer.  Paisley itself does have a couple of shopping centres offering the usual fare and some more local shops and restaurants that are well worth exploring. Finally being in Paisley gives you fantastic access to some of the most beautiful parts of South Scotland and the North of England so there is plenty to keep you occupied.