Park Slope has a reputation for being a neighborhood of New York overrun by little kids, their parents and giant strollers. While it is true that the area is popular with young families, it is still a cool suburb of Brooklyn with lots of young people around that don't have kids of their own. Park Slope is located Fourth Avenue to the west, Flatbush Avenue to the north, 20th Street to the south and Prospect Park to the east.

There is a relatively wealthy population moving to Park Slope due to the fact that the neighborhood has long been gentrified. Brownstone homes line the side streets and apartments rule on 5th and 6th Streets. Some apartments have fantastic views of Manhattan across the river. The nearer you get to 15th Street, the less expensive the neighborhood gets. Park Slope as a whole is a generally friendly and safe place to live. While 3rd Avenue can be a bit sketchy, the neighborhood has a low crime rate. Besides the multitudes of parents and children there are plenty of recent graduates, young professionals and young couples without children living in Park Slope.

Park Slope is bordered on the east by Brooklyn's largest and best outdoor area, Prospect Park. There's plenty to do here from watching or playing baseball to taking horseback riding lessons to watching a concert or if you just want to relax, just lie down to do some sunbathing. The Brooklyn Library, Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are also not far away.

Park Slope has plenty of quality restaurants, cafes and bars. Try Miriam's on 5th Avenue for an excellent brunch, grab a cup of coffee at The Postmark Cafe or Gorilla Coffee and then have some dessert at The Chocolate Plate Room. If you're looking for something a little stronger, Alchemy is a cool bar with great Bloody Marys and mimosas. Park Slope has a hugely popular Food Co-op store where members exchange thee hours of labour each month for their membership and access to discounted fresh fruits, vegetables and other food.

Living in Park Slope you will notice a neighborhood-y type feel not found in many other areas of New York. The suburb is tree-lined and beautiful with plenty to do both day and night. Anyone living here will enjoy their time in New York City.