We all assume we are going to live with our kids, but do you also stay with your parents? In spite of the fact that this scenario seems to be more common in old movies, it is actually becoming more and more usual nowadays, than it was a few years ago. Of course there are going to be positive points to this, but you will also find that there are many negatives points to living like this. Continue to read this report if you would like to see what benefits there are, or indeed what are the negative points. If you are now looking at moving with your mum and dad this may also help you a little bit.

Positive things to consider.

  • it can often make a lot of monetary sense. If the property is very large, with a floor for each generation, then this may not happen.
  • you are residing with your entire family surrounding you. This can be a really advantageous point for living together as it can promote very close family ties.
  • if there are younger children in the property, then there is no need for child care, as they is usually going to be at least one family member around. The older generations are able to support or advise the younger generations, especially with regard to bringing up a youngster.
  • support works both ways, with the younger adults helping with household chores and grocery shopping, which an older person may find awkward to do. Helping each other is the big benefit of living together, imagine coming home from a long day at work and someone has prepared a meal for you.
  • the older person can feel isolated, especially if they are housebound or have lost their life partner. Living with their kids and grandchildren could help allay these feelings, as they will always have someone in close proximity that they can lean on.

The bad side

  • some might feel like they have no real independent space, like they are never really alone.
  • parents and grandparents could possibly feel that you are intruding in their lives, or you may feel that they are intruding in yours all the time.
  • arguments about bringing up the children (the grandparents are giving in them too much and so on).
  • a very close relationship between children and their parents may not always be a great thing (women often hate to be compared to the mother of their partner – eg "nobody can cook like my mom").
  • different generations see things differently, so this could be a difficult adjustment to deal with. Naturally, it is crucial to live in a property, which is capable of accommodating more family members. In Toronto, Forest Hill houses are ideal for this purpose.

While I have tried to give you many areas to discuss to help you make your decision, it is not possible to cover every eventuality, therefore it is important to set up rules right from the start. Don't try and brush issues under the carpet, be truthful with what you want and don't be afraid to voice your concerns. If you know you could never imagine living in such a property, do not do so just because your husband or wife wants it. If you do go into it for someone else then you could end up very depressed and resentful, therefore think of yourself and your happiness.