Living in a Small Space Apartment - Clutter Solutions

  You, or you and your family, have just moved into a small space apartment, or already live in one that's cluttered to the ceiling!  Clutter works magically; once it begins, it never stops growing until it takes over every inch of space available.  This article will give you some ideas for nipping clutter in the bud before it begins, and solutions for clutter already taking over your small space apartment.

  Before clutter can begin - remember the rule - a place for everything and everything in it's place.  This may not be possible all of the time, especially if you have small children, but if you at least attempt this, part of the clutter battle is won!  For those who already have clutter, start by going through your things a bit at a time - don't try to cram it all into one de-clutter day.  Pick a spot - a closet, a corner of a bedroom, half of the living room even - and begin there.  When you start with each section make sure you have some place to put your belongings.  Go through them carefully and decide which ones you don't need.   These can be donated or tossed, depending on their condition.  This would include items such as clothing, books, cds, dvds - anything that is taking up space and making your small space apartment look even smaller.

  Where to put what you are keeping?  Living in an apartment  there are probably rules against desecrating the walls in any way; this usually means you won't be able to put shelves and brackets on the walls.  There are plenty of other ways to store your belongings, even in small space apartments.  For example,  the smallest of apartments have closets.  Organize your closets in such a way to optimize storage.   Stacking shelves can be purchased to add extra storage space in the bottom of your closets.  Plastic, stackable containers are useful for storing  items such as photographs, cards, etc.  You could even purchase some larger, rolling containers for ease of moving them in and out of the closet.

  Open,  plastic crates along a wall make great storage containers for children's toys and also make picking up toys easy for even the youngest child.   There are dividers and organizers you can buy for drawers.  Over door and under the counter storage baskets can be used in the kitchen and the bathroom.  A lot of furniture can be found that does double duty, too, such as a bench with a storage unit under the seat.  Modular wall units are very space saving and are useful for storing a variety of items!  You can get one that will hold your t.v., stereo, cds, dvds, and books,  plus have room for storing many more things.  One of these modular wall storage units against your living room or bedroom wall will leave lots of open space in the rest of the room.

  In the kitchen there might be space above cabinets that can be used.  In the bedrooms, put storage containers under the beds, or use rolling storage carts under them.  In the living room, if you have a high enough sofa, you can slide plastic storage containers under it.  If you have collections you like to display, simplify them as much as possible.  You can always rotate items from time to time for a fresh, new look!  With a little imagination and some work, you can make your small space apartment virtually clutter free in every room, leaving you with the feeling of having a more spacious apartment.