Before we can begin to live the "Good Life" we have to define it. It is really just a state of mind. It begins with what we enjoy and how healthy we are. It relies on where we live and how close the people we love are.

Let me explain my view; I sit at the table having a meal with my wife. We are having barbeques streaks with roasted corn and a baked potato, it is not an everyday meal but it is a good meal and I ask my wife,"I wonder what the rich folk are eating today." Well if you think about it they might be eating in a fancy restaurant, or in a large mansion but are they eating any better?

My wife says to me, "This would cost you alot more at Applebees." I reply, "But would it taste any better?"

You see the state of mind determines the quality of your life, not where you are. I live in a modest three bedroom house, most of the houses around me are larger and more expensive. Yet in my house when people walk in they feel like they are in comfortable surroundings. My house is clean and neat, with comfortable furnishings. I may not have a large TV Screen or a big stereo system, but you can see what is on the TV, and the music can be heard in every room.

What I am saying is there is the roof over my head, food on my table, entertainment, in comfortable surroundings. What else do you need to live a good life.

The Lock on The Maas

If you have the need for outside entertainment there is the movies, art and craft shows, museums, historical sights, and many other places that cost little or nothing to visit. Do you really need the broadway musicals or will the ones put on by the local communities do as well.

Shopping at the outdoor market

When you shop it is really necessary that you have the brand name products. Does having the designer brand really make the fit better or the way you feel any different. To me the cost of buying brand names always hurt me more because I had less left to buy more.

Well what of the people that have poor health, how can they enjoy the good life? The answer to that is easy to say but hard to do. when our health goes and there is little we can do to change it we can still live a good life. We have limitations and we must adapt to them.

I have a brother who has arthritis so bad he has difficulty walking,does that mean he can't have a good life? Not if you ask him. He has what he needs to eat, he smokes two cigarettes a day, and has two drinks a day. Watches the programs he wants on TV and is visited by his grand kids. To him that is the good life. He would like to be sharing that with his wife of 50 years but she passed away.

If you are poor does that mean you can't have a good life? No. It means you can make the most of what you have and enjoy the little things that you have. Is it harder to enjoy life when your poor? Yes. But only because you have to be a little more creative to find the happiness and joy. Be thankful for what you do have and not resentful of what others have. Envy is sin anyway.

The good life is there for everyone to enjoy, in my way of thinking the only ones who don't have a good life are those who made the bad choices in life that have now put them in bad situations as criminals do, everyone has a choice some take the easy way and others fight for what they want. Which are you?