People often associate achieving a rich life in terms of saving and cutting back. While factors such as saving and conserving are important, have you ever considered how to live the rich life by earning more? Maybe you can still take that vacation you have been putting off or buy the nice things you’ve always wanted. Fortunately,  finding ways to  earn more money is often a matter of turning what you already do into extra money. 

Earn More Money as an Instructor

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Turn your hobby or skills into more money. For example, do you know how to play an instrument like the piano? If so, you can offer private piano lessons. According to, rates for piano lessons can range from $15 to more than $50 for a half-hour lesson.

Factors such as your training and experience,  as well as location, can greatly influence your rates. However, you would have the opportunity to do what you enjoy doing while earning more money.

What if you don’t play an instrument? You can still increase your earnings. Determine what your skill are. Do you like to paint? If so, why not offer painting lessons? 

Make More Money as a Professional Organizer

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Are you known for keeping an organized home? Do your co-workers comment on your organizational abilities at work? If you find that this is true in your case, you could likely earn more money as a professional organizer. 

Professional organizers’ duties can range from helping a client pack for a move to setting up and organizing folders online. As an organizer, you can provide coaching, hands-on organizing or a combination of both. 

Your rates would depend on the activity. Ellen Faye, Professional Organizer and Organizing Coach, recommends charging a fee of $275 for a three-hour session. The session would consist of one hour of coaching followed by two hours of hands-on organizing. Besides earning more money, professional organizing could give you the satisfaction of helping others.  

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It is common for web designers to earn from $50 to more than $75 per hour, according to One factor that would influence your rates is geographical area. Additionally, rushed orders and one-time event projects would likely result in higher hourly rates.

The examples mentioned above are only three examples of ways to make more money. You are only limited by your creativity. 

Finding ways to earn more money can help you come up with cash faster than by simply cutting back.  You can use the extra money to create a savings account, pay off debt, or live the rich life you’ve always wanted to live. 

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