Living With Big Thighs and Calves.  

  Most people at some point in their lives have lived with someone or something they intensely dislike.  A mother-in-law, perhaps, or an ugly old stove.  In my case, I live with something I intensely dislike but I can't wait a week and it will go back home like my mother-in-law, or get rid of it and buy a new one - such as when I tossed out the ugly old stove and purchased a brand new shiny oven.  I live with big thighs and calves.  I wish I could say the ones I live with belong to my husband.  Or my dog - although that might look a little weird as he's a chihuahua.  No, the ones I live with belong to me, and try as I might I can't seem to make them go away! 

  When I was a teenager, my calves were always a bit larger, but I could deal with that simply by not wearing shorts or short skirts.  That let out being a cheerleader, but I wasn't the cheerleader type, so it didn't matter.  Much.  It also made life on the swim team miserable, but at least my legs were moving too fast for most people to notice the big calves.  Being on the swim team had a plus, too, in that I managed to keep my thighs from joining the big body parts club.  After high school, and college, and meeting a man who didn't seem to mind my heavier than slim girl calves and marrying him, I noticed a change.  My thighs were beginning to swell.  Well, not really swell - they were getting bigger.  I suppose it had something to do with my sit down job.  Plus I wasn't swimming any more.  And the pregnancy in my third year of marriage.  While I was pregnant I actually believed those who told me to eat what I wanted as I was eating for two.  Turns out I was eating for six, which left four people unaccounted for after the baby - one - was born.  After he was born I believed those who told me to eat rich foods as I was breastfeeding and those foods were good for the milk.  In case you're wondering what my doctor said about all this, I guess he said something a bit different but I rationalized that he had never been pregnant, and he had certainly never nursed a baby!  Once the baby weaned himself I figured it wouldn't be long before I wasn't living with both big thighs and calves - just the calves.  I was a bit dismayed a year later to realize that big thighs don't just melt away like baby fat eventually does. 

  I'm exercising these days.  I go to the "Y" with the baby and leave him in the daycare center while I swim.  It's a bit more difficult now because I'm no longer a sixteen year old swim team member.  I ache in places I didn't know existed!  Sometimes after swimming I'll join the other women with big thighs and calves in the gym for another round of exercise on all that wonderful equipment guaranteed to slenderize your thighs.  There's a division in the gym, of course, between the women with heavy thighs and those who have achieved their goal of being slender and are just maintaining.  One problem in living with big thighs and calves is being able to find clothes that look good on me.  Most of my pants are wide legged to accommodate my big thighs and calves.  On occasion I'll wear a long skirt with boots when I can find boots that are wide enough to slip over my calves.  Anything like that usually costs a lot more money unless I can find a really good sale somewhere.

  At least I know my husband loves me no matter how big my thighs and calves are.  He might toss a glance or two at some young, hot, sexy girl who wears a size two on a bad day.  Just like I'll glance longingly - albeit - briefly - at a young hunk with tight abs and broad shoulders.  But my husband and I stick with each other because we love each other.  Big thighs and calves and all!