How do you serve God? Do you attend church regularly? Do you tithe every sunday exactly 10 percent of your total income?  Do you read your bible every day and take notes when the sermon is delivered to you?  Do you stay steadfast in prayer and seek God every night for 5 min on your knees?Do you go that extra mile, and volunteer at your neighborhood soup kitchen feeding the needy? Well what if I told you that wasn't nearly enough? Because, it isn't enough if you are not doing these things with excellence. So how do you serve with excellence?

Excellence means doing the very best with what you have.  Remember that we can do all things in Christ who strengthens us. So when you are doing something keep in your mind that God is with you, and he is strengthening you.  Also, take to heart that the next time you start to complain that it doesn't take someone special to complain, but it takes someone special not to.  Don't fret over things that you have zero control over either they will work out or they won't.  Don't get worked up over someone in your life that was nasty to you, or that wronged you in some way.  Because, when you get all worked up about it you are spending time and energy on thinking about someone you don't like. Instead dwell on those people who are good in your life. Dwell on things that you want, and think of ways to get them.  Imagine what you could be doing with that effort it takes to grumble and be angry.

Serving God with Excellence means making your self available.  Allow yourself to be used by God. God doesn't look for ability he looks for availability. You might think that you aren't a good speaker, but if God brings someone into your life that you need to talk to he will give you the words.  Don't be afraid to try new things and to get out of your comfort zone.  It's like the late Steve Jobs said "The people that change the world are the ones crazy enough to think they can". Don't put limits on yourself.  Also, being available for good opportunities means not wasting your time on things that aren't productive. Don't spend hours a day in front of the tv or computer just wasting time watching people live their lives when you can be living yours.