People react differently to the various allergy reactions present. Allergy depends on the body nature of the person and the age. Senior citizens tend to cut down on spicy and fatty foods due to various reasons; one reason being allergy among the types of allergies, Milk Allergy is common among adults. Milk allergies affect people of all ages impartially. The most affected are infants, kids and senior citizens. Allergy reaction varies from person to person with the reaction time extending from few minutes to few hours. If a person feels nauseous or abnormal it could probably be a milk allergy sign.

It is difficult to identify whether a person is suffering from milk allergy. Other allergy symptoms are visible enough to determine the cause of the reaction bit in the case of milk allergies it is quite complicated to identify the allergy in an adult. But in kids the allergy is easy to identify. People consume milk based products almost every day such as milk, cheese, curd, yogurt, coffee at different concentrations and at different times. And the products react differently too. This irregular behavior of the different dairy products has resulted in people living with the discomfort for years.

If a person suspects of suffering from milk allergy then it is advisable to refrain from consuming milk and milk based products for a few days. After few days, the person can begin the normal diet that includes milk and milk based products. Unlike kids, adults react to milk allergies only after some time even after few hours because of developed immune system. The most common symptoms include skin rashes, abdominal pain, muscular cramps, fatigue, constipation, soreness around lips, indigestion, vomiting, headaches and irritation. If a person exhibits one or more of the mentioned symptoms then it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.

The option of probiotics is a boon for people who are fond of milk and milk based products but is not able to because of the allergy. The bacteria break down the sugars present milk into simpler components facilitating easy digestion and absorption. Researches have revealed that people suffering from milk allergies have shown visible reduction in allergy symptoms. Probiotics is best the treatment offered to people with different milk allergies today. But again, the efficiency of the treatment depends on the body nature of the person. So consult a doctor before starting a probiotic treatment.

Often people tend to confuse milk allergy with lactose intolerance. Both the conditions differ in certain features. In the case of milk allergies people’s body is not able to adapt to dairy products. While in the case of lactose intolerance, it is just an enzyme deficiency. And lactose intolerance condition strictly adheres to the small intestine while milk allergies affect any of the three body systems: skin, intestine and respiratory tract. Probiotics are efficient in treating milk allergies. It is important for people to understand the difference between the two conditions and take appropriate treatment for a healthy life style.