Elizabeth Taylor Talented Actress

Liz Taylor's talent, perfumes, and life

Liz Taylor's talent, from a young age, was extraordinary. She would go on to become one of Hollywood's most iconic woman ever to appear on the big screen. As her career developed, she would morph into a diva whose maketability reached far outside of the film industry.
Interestingly, Taylor's career was nearly non-existant after a Universal casting director had commented that she "had nothing" and "she didn't have the look of a child" (the same director also mentioned that her eyes were "too old", a trait many consider her finest). Fortunately, MGM was also interested in her, and in 1943 she filmed Lassie Come Home with Roddy McDowall, another child star with whom she would become great friends.
Unlike a lot of child stars, Liz Taylor transitioned into adult stardom smoothly. Perhaps her most famous film, Cleopatra, was somewhat of an enigma. It was nominated for nine academy awards (winning four), and was the highest grossing movie in 1963. Despite the accolades, the movie actually ended up in the red, losing money due to the cost of production. To date, it remains the only movie ever to be the highest grossing film of the year and not make money. This set is also where she met Richard Burton (he played Marc Antony), who would later become her husband of ten years.
Married eight times, Taylor's marriage to Burton was easily her highest profiled and most focused on by the media - in part because of their status, but mostly because of the scandalous nature of the romance; they were both involved when they met.

As she got wealthier from films, so did her taste for jewelery and perfumes. While married to Burton, he gave her what would come to be known as the Taylor-Burton diamond - a 69 karat white diamond that was shaped like a pear. Also given to her by Burton was the La Peregrina Pearl - a piece that was once owned by Queen Mary I. While these are her two most famous pieces, Taylor owned an incredible collection of jewelery. She ultimately created The Elizabeth Collection (a line of jewelery), and three perfumes, which combined earned her over $200 million.