The holiday season is the time to come together in our community. There are lots of events around every city so there's planty to do that's fun for everyone. But many people are under the misconception that it will cost tons of money to do so. Given the recent struggles that most of us are having with the economy, we would rather hide at home and not do anything. But you don't have to miss all the fun.

Most likely there are events in your area that don't cost anything and if you are like us, you can bring your own snacks and skip the concession stands.

Christmas band entertainsThere are quite a few free events that many people don't think of when it comes to events around the holidays.

Check your local newspapers and listen to your local news reports you will be surprised to find out there is more out there than you know of. Another good source is your local tourism office or Chamber of Commerce, they normally find out about a lot of things because lots of businesses are members and are aware that the Chamber should know.

Here is a sample of things that you could do with your family that won't cost you anything. Check with your local area to see if something similar may be going on.

Lighting parades are fun to attend and in some parades, the kids will receive candies that are being thrown. This is a bonus for your kids.

Special lighting ceremony of trees, buildings and other historical markers in your city. The tourism office would probably have information on when these should take place so keep your ears and eyes open. Bundle up and have fun. Typically these events will have choirs performing, maybe a band or two playing, you will be surprised at what you will find at one of these.

School holiday concerts and plays are always fun to attend. Given that there are so many religions celebrated throughout the season, many schools are turning to plays that reflect all of the holiday for everyone. This is great! It shows all children that everyone should be respected. Normally the kids sing holiday songs, or the play is related to a historical event that went on during the winter time or better yet, the teacher found a play that is filled with lots of fun for the kids, like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The plays may have one of your bright and shiny stars in it and well they are always FREE.

How about the play "The Nutcracker"? A lot of community theaters perform this with different interpretations to it and usually only charge a small amount for admission to the public. You can check with your local colleges and the small theaters in your area. See how creative your local community theater can be with this great classic.

Christmas entertainment doesn't have to be expensive to be enjoyable.