John G LakeCredit: Wikipedia CommonsJohn Locke, an Englishmen of the mid-17th century described two kinds of civil government consent. One is “Tacit-consent”. This is an ignorant or apathetic mindset that merely tolerates the decisions made for them by the representatives in their stead. The other is “active/explicit consent”. This is what Locked deemed a true consent. It was given with a full participation in the event, and aware of the consequences that would follow. Consent is really a legal term of our will. It is at the core of our being. It is how decisions are made. Without it, life would stop. And yet, there are many choices in our lives that are outsourced to a sub-conscience tacit duty. W hen the duty is all that remains, for any amount of decisions, it is seen as the empty shell of a once vibrant entity. Choices are a precious gift from God. Why would men ever trivialize them?

Looking at the present spiritual atmosphere

While it may seem easy to look at the atmosphere of a post-modern society and separate its spiritual roots as “old fashioned”; stop and consider the remark. It is the beliefs of men that allow them to unite for a greater cause and purpose to create something that will prosper. It is worth looking into the avenues that will expose a great wealth of heritage about one's particular region, just as one would cherish the opportunity to draw out his bloodline family history. A community has a unique character that can bring out a special cause of spirit and patriotism of its own. A national heritage, or a civil political heritage may have little profound meaning for someone not occupied in the civil sphere; but what about the events of the city? What about the losses that shaped the families, the church splits as a result of differing opinions on doctrine that simply could not be reconciled? As events in a family must see restitution to see a full, restored family cohesion; so should a community revisit it's past skeleton's to “clear the air”, and not merely brush them under the rug. Though it may seem superstitious on the surface, there is an underlying unspoken mentality that community members receive by rumor or indirect experiences that simply leaves a bad taste in their mouths.

Looking for powerful spiritual roots

Obviously, the root word “spirit” has many connotations to it, and should remain so. The supernatural world should be recognized and if nothing more, respected. Though God gave man the power to dominate the Earth and subdue it (Genesis 1:28), can had the precious gift of his will to do with that power whatever he wanted. In many cases, man chose to give the “prince of the power of the air” his power. The authority was given up, making the devil a representative with God's man-intended power! Needless to say, the devil has power over the Earth. Christian's on the Earth also can call upon spiritual power; and they certainly do. I recently received a synopsis of John G. Lake's biography; a powerful conversion story that took from the lofty streets of wall street, to Africa, and then eventually to the city of Spokane Washington. It was here that he acted by the will of the Holy Spirit to show the incredible healing power of God in a now-international non-profit organization called “Healing Room's”. It was such an immense community event that the city paper, The Spokesmen Review, consistently published front page articles showcasing its progress.

What effects have lingered

The events of red-hot God-touching-Earth revival events do not last forever. In fact, they are not supposed to. It is simply a result of the people of God desperately crying out for a greater manifestation of God in their region. But the goal is that the region will be able to live on the meat of God's revelation, and not on the external, tangible “milk” of signs and wonders. What would it say about the character of a person if he needed to constantly see an object to know it exists? His memory would not sustain his belief, but would have to rely on external evidence. The effects of events such as these are meant to produce events that will stay in a persons memory, and transform their character. The corporate character of a community should be much transformed as well, as the community is made simply of the people in it. As the character of the corporate community executes changes in its character, the more external spheres should necessarily follow suite. What effect did the spiritual roots have on the civil government, on the economy, on the entertainment industry?

Brandished Needs of the Community

A community is a group that has consented to a civil union by some form of civil government organization. The community may, (as many people do) hide its weakness', and proudly display it's strengths. While the strengths can be celebrated, they may be also be an unfortunate compensation for the community's weakness' and short-comings. Teamwork is a given for procuring change at a corporate level, but there must also be a solid, legacy-focused goal in mind, based on objective principles. Just as honesty should not be looked on as a noble virtue, as it should never have been lost in the first place; so partnership is a given. Subjective, arbitrary ethical renovations may seem satisfying for maintaining the status quo, but is the status quo really what we long for, if all barriers were removed?

As a licensed citizen of Washington State, I am out-of-state for training purposes. Yet I still have several ties to my home state. My whole genetic family lives there, as well as a strong tie with a church I still consider “my home church”. I have previously been negligent in regards to state-level elections and the whole affair of state and city level civil government. But isn't this one of the great strengths of the United States of America from the beginning; the dual form of government? I want to know that I am apart of the affairs that maintain the roads, the public institutions, the sanitation standards, and the tax motions that are made upon citizens. The old, familiar phrase: “No taxation without representation”, appearing in the US Declaration of Independence, actually first showed up in the Magna Carta of England in 1215. The early Patriots of the US colonies used this phrase to remind the English crown that the intrusive taxes they were making on them were against their own honored legal heritage.


What is the Goal?

The undeniable truth is that the community has its spiritual roots no matter what external mask it may presently wear. It is beliefs that people move into action with. It is beliefs that drive schools to advance students to excel; eventually landing them in a satisfactory place of a stable career with a family and a dog. But is a community with a thriving economy the end goal? What about the events that really make life? The nostalgic events that family's meticulously plan for, the informal gatherings of several friends at the local dinner, the memorable evenings watching the city parade, pointing out to the children the poop-scooper after the majestic stallions. Relationship is at the heart of humanity – history tells how much we have maintained it as the core.