Antique Wardrobe Armoire

Locating and acquiring high valued antiques is an art form in and of itself. People love antiques, and this is what drives the antique industry and makes it so successful. However, many of the same people who loves antiques also know they can get what they're looking for at a better price by working around the dealers and locating the prized items themselves. But how to do so?

It largely depends on what your item of choice is. For our purposes here, we're looking at antique wardrobe closets. How can an every day person find an antique armoire without going through a dealer?

It's actually pretty easy, it just takes two resources: time and patience. But for that, you get to save some money, and you also get the enjoyment that comes from working for something instead of simply buying it and paying someone else for the work it took to find it.

My two favorite methods for finding awesome antiques armoire furniture are closely related. The first is looking into new estate sales. People die, and there stuff gets sold. It gets sold quickly and cheaply. This auctions can be a goldmine of antique furniture, and that often include wardrobe closets. Of course, this is not a guaranteed method, and you'll have to hit up a few - or many dozens - to find what you're looking for.

But when you do, victory is sweet!

Along the same lines, my second favorite spot to look in to is garage sales or yard sales. Now, this can be even more tedious than estate sales save for one nice detail - people often put their stuff online for viewing these days. Checking sites like Craiglist, search for wardrobe closets, and you might find all the listing with wardrobe closets for sale, often accompanied with links to photos and prices.

Now, if these two methods aren't for you, there's no shame in using a dealer to locate what you need. Either way, you'll be enjoying the classical feel of having a solid piece of antique furniture in your home.