Locating someone for free doesn't need to be hard. In fact, there's a good chance you can find anybody from your past in a matter of minutes right from your own home. Whether you're trying to find a long lost friend, or roommate, lover, or family member, it's actually quite easy to pull off on your own. If you are interested in locating someone for free, there are a few simple things you can do.

Court Records:

You can use public records for locating someone for free. In fact, more and more states are putting the information online. The hardest part of this, is finding the official state judicial websites. These days, there are tons of sites, but most charge. Try searching by putting in the state name, followed by judicial system. You'll find that you'll get much better results this way. Locating someone for free this way can be very effective. Generally speaking, you will need to know the full name, including at least middle initial of the individual you're searching for, along with their date of birth. Locating someone for free this way works best when you have additional information.

My Space/Face book, etc:

Locating someone for free can be done on many of the social networks out there. Take a look, you never know what you might be able to find. This can be very effective.

Property taxes:

Locating someone for free can be very easy if they own a home, and you know, or have a good idea, what county and state they live in. Many counties are now putting property tax information online, since it's really public information. This can be very effective for locating someone for free and finding out what address they have, by determining home ownership.

Online phone directories:

Locating someone for free can be easy if you know the state they live in. Many online phone directories will allow you to search by state, without entering the city. If the person has a listed land line, you shouldn't have too much trouble. If they have a common name, you may need to sift through quite a few results. Still, it's a great way of locating someone for free, even if you need to do a free unlisted number search.

Mutual friends and family:

Locating someone for free doesn't have to involve any sort of detective work. There's a good chance you know a person they know. Better yet, perhaps you know a family member of the person you are trying to find. Make some phone calls to friends and family members, you may end up locating someone for free in a matter of minutes.

Search engines:

From time to time, locating someone for free can be done by simply entering their name in a search engine. You'll need to sift through a lot of results, so it can be fairly time consuming. Still, it's a great method for locating someone for free.

As you can see, locating someone for free certainly isn't impossible. You have plenty of things to try before you use any of the expensive services that are available online. You have some ideas, now see if you can find them.