The last time your door got jammed or you left your keys inside, you had to call the locksmith. But getting a reliable locksmith on a holiday, at night or during holidays may not be a very convenient situation and you would like to avoid such incidents in future. You might be tempted to buy a lock picking set to be kept at home not just to open locked doors but also for doing a host of jobs which a locksmith does. But that also involves some amount of basic knowledge – what should you look for and how much should you pay for a lock picking set?

A better idea is perhaps is to build a lock picking set yourself. It is not as tough as you imagine it to be, except for the fact that you have to be familiar with certain trade-specific terms and tools to get the desired results. Like every professional in every field, locksmiths also use several tools that are characteristic of the jobs they do. For example a carpenter uses a hammer to force down a nail; a locksmith also uses a set of tools to accomplish his job.

A good idea to get to know the kind of tools a locksmith uses is to watch him work. Based on what you see, you could go about building your own lock picking set. The best part about building a set is that many of the tools in the set can be re-designed or re-created from household items like a steak knife, etc. The other benefit of building this of set at home is that this way, you know which tool to use where and the specific function of every tool that is there in the kit. Once you are completely familiar with the tools in the kit, you can go to the market and buy yourself a professional set of lock picking tools. However, when you buy a set from the shop, there is hardly any point in buying the most expensive set, but look for the set which has the thinnest tools. Remember the tools are used in very narrow and closed spaces – so the thinner they are the better would be your maneuverability.

The skill of lock picking can not be developed in a day. Like most professional pursuits, you have to practice it over and over, to get a grip on the subject. If you are expecting to achieve professional skills at the snap of a finger, you are going to be disappointed. However there is a word of caution. Many states in this country do not allow the possession of a lock picking set. Check out your local rules and regulations before you invest any money for the set. Plug Spinners, Computerized Picks, Tension Wrenches, Key Extractors are a few tools used regularly by locksmiths which might sound Latin to you. But with time, patience and practice, you can master the game too and make lock picking a favorite hobby!