You can easily install your own filing cabinet lock with an after-market file cabinet locking bar manufactured and sold by many file cabinet parts manufacturers. These locking bars are ideal for file cabinets which are older and possibly have broken internal file cabinet locking mechanisms or for those file cabinets which don't have or have never had a working lock installed on them.

How Locking File Bars Works

File Cabinet Locking BarA wood or metal file cabinet lock bar works by placing a tall steel metal bar flush against each drawer of a vertical file cabinet and causing the drawers to open directly into the steel bar. Because the file cabinet bar lock is firmly attached to the side of the filing cabinet the drawers to your file cabinet can no longer open.

You can always order file cabinet lock kits from office furniture manufacturers like Hon, Abus, or other companies however the file cabinet lock bars are more generic and can be more easily accommodative to just about any type of file cabinet made by any company at any time.

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Installing A File Cabinet Bar Lock

No matter if you have a generic brand vertical 4 drawer wooden filing cabinet or a Hon lateral 2 drawer filing cabinet a bar lock can easily attach to the side of the cabinet with a drill. File cabinet lock bars actually attach to the sides of a wood or metal file cabinet with either wood or metal screws and are drilled right into the side of the cabinet. You will need a half inch of space or so on the side of the file cabinet you are installing the bar lock for clearance but other than that there is little else needed to secure your file cabinet drawers. It is a far simpler process than installing an internal lock correctly.

You will need a drill to drill holes into the side of your filing cabinet to secure the lock bar and then you will need a typical pad lock to secure the file cabinet locking bar in the closed and locked position. When the drawers are in use the locking bar maintains itself in an open position and when it's time to secure that bar the lock bar swivels on a hinge to cover the screws which secure it in place as well as to cover the file cabinet drawers to prevent them from being opened.

The best part about installing one of these multi lock file cabinet bars is that you can change to lock at any time for any reason because the actual locking mechanism is a simple padlock which loops into the top of the filing cabinet lock bar when in the closed position. This makes things handy for business owners who have constant staffing changes or for those people who simply like to be better safe than sorry.

If you ever feel the need to change your filing cabinet lock then all you need to do is pick up a new padlock to use with your lock bar and you are good to go. File cabinet locking bars are not that expensive and can be picked up quite easily for as low as thirty dollars. The prices on locking file bars go up as the quality of the parts go up but even the most expensive locking bars go up the price is usually offset by higher quality steel and security measures.

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