Lock and Lock Storage Container

Lock and Lock BPA Free Airtight container

 As someone who grew up in a large family,  I cooked lots of everything. That was quite a problem when I first got married, especially considering that my husband only ate as much as me, instead of consuming truckloads of food like my teenage brothers had. The result; Leftovers. It didn't take many freezers full of ziplocks to push me into the reusable storage department at my local Wal-Mart, and after several trial and error purchases I finally found the golden ticket. 

Lock and Lock storage containers took my kitchen by storm. They come in affordable multi-packs of different sizes, and they seal tighter and keep things fresher than any other container I tried. Hands down, they are the best kitchen storage solution that I have ever come across.

And the icing on the cake?  Lock and Lock is now available as a BPA free container, making them a safe and clean option and pushing them a step further above your average kitchen storage container, not only for your leftovers, but even for your baby formula and snacks. 

Reviews that I've read all over the web agree with me- the clipping lid system on these containers is the best that any of us have tried. Here are some pros and cons that sum up the hundreds of reviews that I've been browsing: 


So secure that soups and liquids can be transported without worrying about leaks or spills.  (I've personally sent soup to work with my husband multiple times in these and never had even a slight leak!)

The seals can be taken out and cleaned very easily, and the containers and seals both are dishwasher safe

The lids seal so thoroughly that almost no smell can even escape. Users have tested with everything from boiled eggs to coffee beans, and the only scent that has been noticable was coffee beans...after several days.  

These containers don't stain unless food is cooked very hot in them. No red or orange plastic for me, thanks. 


The containers are square shapes and identical sizes, so they do not stack for storage- this can be a problem if you have limited space.

If dropped while full of frozen food they will chip...but what plastic container full of frozen liquid doesn't? 

What is BPA and what's wrong with it? 

Bisophenol A is an organic chemical compound that has been produced at levels of millions of tons per year for over 20 years. It was, for many years, used in most plastics for storage containers and to line the insides of aluminum cans, but many European countries and Canada have made it illegal to use it in production of food related products, cutting back dramatically on its use.  It is currently still legal in the US, but most of the major baby food container and bottle production companies have cut it from their productions due to public pressure. 

So why all the negative hype?  Because BPA releases hormone like chemicals that are picked up in whatever is in contact with it. In other words, if you put your leftovers in a plastic container that has BPA as an ingredient, then when you eat those leftovers you are eating chemicals that have leaked into them. In animal studies these chemicals have been directly linked to genetic development issues in unborn children due to the mothers being exposed, sexual dysfunction from high levels of exposure and several types of cancer. In human infants and toddlers there are behavioral symptom in children that were exposed to high amounts of BPA before birth. 

A lot of old reviews of the Lock and Lock storage containers complained because they weren’t available as BPA free, so I’m so glad to be able to tell you that they are now available as a safe, clean option for your family! 

Bottom line?  I have always loved the Lock and Lock containers, and now that they are BPA-free, I feel comfortable letting others know my opinion of them.