Mini Fridges With Locks

Whether you are wanting a lockable mini fridge to keep fellow students or colleagues at bay from 'borrowing' your food/drink or are simply wanting reassurance that your mini fridge is well insulated to refrain from heat loss whilst on a camping trip -- a compact refrigerator with a lock can be a pretty useful appliance in many circumstances. The following article aims to showcase some of the best value for money mini fridges 'with locks' in the current market (if you know of any additional good lockable mini fridges that you recommend please share them below). 

The Compact Freezer Refrigerator with Lock -- Model: CRF150SS

Compact Freezer Refrigerator with Lock - Stainless SteelCredit: -- EdgeStarMy personal favourite --The EdgeStar CRF150SS is a top of the range, and rather attractive and modern looking stainless steel compact refrigerator/freezer with a provision of complete thermostat control -- allowing you to convert it from a "0° compact freezer to a refrigerator" ranging from around '0°F to 40°F'. As mentioned above, the mini-fridge is lockable -- with a lock and two sets of keys for additional security. Relative to its cousins, the CRF150SS is rather lightweight (around 45 pounds) hence is pretty easy to carry and move around, to a certain extent. It should be noted too, that it has a rather low noise output -- especially when compared to that of some other mini fridges. In all, for the price this model represents great value for money, it does everything you ought to expect from a decent mini fridge, and a bit more too -- it is lockable, it is lightweight, doubles up as an effective freezer and is 'all good looking' too. 

Compact Freezer Refrigerator with Lock - Stainless Steel
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(price as of May 31, 2014)

The LA 4 Liter Portable Fridge Cooler Warmer (Desktop Fridge)

A lot smaller than the CRF150SS, the LA 4 Liter was built purposely for mobility (i.e comes with an in-built handle and only weighing in at 8 pounds), 'a desktop fridge', making it perfect for office workers who want a healthy lunch close by kept at a nice cool level. The LA 4 liter has the classic minimalistic fridge look (available in both White and Black) and is lockable through a 'locking' latch. Although, a little noisy the LA 4 Liter, is pretty good at its job (i.e being portable, and keeping things cool -- performing a slightly different job to most other mini fridges) and is almost half the price than that of the  CRF150SS. In all, a great fridge for the purpose of a desk lunch -- but in other circumstances such as a student keeping food in their dorm room, it won't cut the mustard in terms of size and functionality.

The Firgidaire FFPH25M4LB Compact Refrigerator

Frigidaire FFPH25M4LB 2.5 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator - BlackCredit: -- FrigidaireAnother, top class mini-fridge is the FFPH25M4LB from Frigidaire, although what it lacks in its minimalistic looks, it more than makes up for in performance. The open glass shelving compartments allow you to maximize the benefit of space within in the fridge --meaning you aren't really limited by height and don't have to awkwardly adjust items. Moreover, it is almost silent, perfect for a student in a college room who is fed up with housemates stealing their food, but doesn't want to be kept awake through a constant buzzin' in their bedroom. In all the FFPH25M4LB has to be considered a mini fridge that is of great value for money, performing in the same manner as the CRF150SS, just with a slightly larger storage space for grub and drink.

The Homesun Hotel Mini Bar Fridge With Lock

This mini fridge is built perfectly for storing alcohol and other beverages to ice cool temperatures, with a net capacity of 36 liters whilst maintaining deadly silence, it makes the Homesun Hotel mini bar fridge a real contender for being the best value for money -- in this particular aspect. Also, with the ability to lock, you don't need to worry about someone getting hold of your ice cool refreshments without permission. An added bonus -- is like that of a standardized fridge is a light comes on when you open the door, hence a basically fully operational fridge -- just to a compact size (and that of a similar in design to the FFPH25M4LB).

Refrigerator Door Lock

If you have found a mini-fridge that is perfect for your needs, however doesn't come with a lock, then have you considered a refrigerator door lock that are available from sites such as for less than $25? They are really simple to attach on to any standard fridge or mini fridge and can prevent people from taking your food etc. in the same manner as a lockable mini fridge. If you have had any previous experiences with lockable mini fridges or any general remarks then I encourage you to leave a comment below.