Are you looking for a lockable storage cabinet? Here is some useful information to help you get started. Whether you are buying a lockable storage cabinet for your home or office, you can easily get a good quality one at a reasonable price. They are actually very similar to the normal cabinets that you see, except that they are fitted with a locking system to enable you to keep your belongings securely inside. Depending on the price you are willing to pay, the level of security offered by the lockable storage cabinet will differ between all units. You can get one with a high security system which has strong locks inside it or a simpler locking system which is easier to break into by thieves.

The lockable storage cabinet comes in various setups. You can get single door ones, two door ones, drawer ones or even wall mounted ones with a locking system. These cabinets are typically made of strong steel so that it is hard to break into. Unlike wooden ones which can be easily sawed away, the metal lockable storage cabinet is hard to cut into without professional tools. Although they might be more expensive, this makes them a safer option for you to safeguard your belongings.

Lockable Storage CabinetTypes of Locking System

The lockable storage cabinet comes in a variety of locking systems

1. Key – This locking mechanism is the most basic one available on the market. A key is used to turn the latch inside to prevent the doors from opening. Those that come with a key are one of the cheapest ones that you can get in the market. However, if you have a good lock-picker, your documents may not be so safe after all.

2. Safe Dial – This system makes use of a safe dial to secure the locks on the lockable storage cabinet. The user has to set a combination which will be used to open the lockable storage cabinet each time. This method offers more protection compared to the key type as it is much harder for the thief to guess the combination and break it open.

3. Electronic Keypad – This is by far the most advanced system used in the lockable storage cabinet. It makes use of an electronic keypad with numbers for the user to enter the password to open the doors. As long as the numbers set are random, it would be practically impossible to crack the code to access the contents. Some even come with a setting whereby too many wrong codes will freeze the system and disallow further tries. The lockable storage cabinet with the electronic keypad is currently the safest that you can get on the market.

Where to Buy a Cheap Lockable Storage Cabinet

This section will take you through the places where you can get a cheap lockable storage cabinet. With the right methods, there are actually many places where you can start your search for one. The internet has made it very easy to search for one even without having prior knowledge about it. However, it would be good to have a general idea about the size that you want so that you can narrow down the search parameters. To help you get started, here are the common places where you can buy a cheap lockable storage cabinet. - While Amazon normally sells items such as books and toys, you can actually find a lockable storage cabinet here. Take for example this Iceberg Lockable Storage Cabinet. It is made of durable and high density polyethylene with a secure locking system to keep your items safe. Costing only $390 for a 33x18x66 inch model, this is a pretty good deal to consider if you're looking for an affordable unit. Alternatively, you can browse through the other models available to find one that is suitable for you. usually sells their items at a discount to retail prices and if you are lucky, you can even get free shipping on your lockable storage cabinet. - This is another site where you can get a lockable storage cabinet for a low price. They carry many brands such as Global Industrial, Penco, Tennsco and many others for you to choose from. With each product, they will usually have a few sellers selling that item. Once you have decided on a model, you can compare prices among different sellers there and buy from the one which offers you the best price. This site makes it easy for you to compare prices at a single location. - Another place to search for a lockable storage cabinet is on Ikea. Their website is full of products for you to browse through, so you should be able to find one easily over there. However, most of the time, you would have to do the installation yourself if you decide to get one from Ikea. Their website is pretty informational with the exact measurements of the item to enable you to plan where to put it in your home after you buy it. The quality that you can expect from them is reasonably high, so you can expect to get yourself quite a secure lockable storage cabinet.

Office Supplies/ Furniture Store - If you are still unable to find the perfect lockable storage cabinet in the above places, you can also search for one in your local office supplies or furniture store. These stores often have a range of choices for you to choose from and you can physically see and test them out for yourself. By actually looking at them, you can get an idea about the protection that it offers to help you make a better decision on which one to buy. Besides, it is quite common for these places to have discounts during their warehouse sales each year where they advertise in flyers or newspapers, so make sure to drop by during that time to get a good deal.

Those are the popular places to buy a cheap lockable storage cabinet. With this information in mind, get one for yourself and start safekeeping those documents or items that you have.