The best lockers are lockers where you spend little time actually using them. You should be able to get in and out of them with minimum effort and even less time. But to make them fast and helpful, you need to organize them with deliberate planning.

Making the most of many lockers requires being efficient with your book placement. You should be able to reach in blindly and grab a specific book and then go. Start by putting heavier items lower, then place the small, lighter items higher in your locker. But then refine this base setup with how often you will need to reach for a particular book. Keep those frequently used books as near the door handle as possible, so you can comfortably grab and go as quickly and easily as possible.

Define and name a location for each book and binder you use. You should know exactly where to put it and then later find it. After you rely on the labeling for a while, it will become second nature for you to reach your desired book each time you access your locker.

While a labeling system may seem a bit obsessive, people who label well and stick to their labeling will be more organized and more efficient. This leads to less stress and greater productivity.

Magnets are another simple device, like labeling, that can make a huge difference over the long term. By simply keeping your clutter up and out of the way, you minimize the likelihood of seeing your clutter snowball into a time-wasting mess.

A locker isn't the place to collect trash. I strongly discourage keeping trash in your locker. But for the occasional hurried moment where you just need a place to temporarily toss your breathe mint wrapper, you might keep a small trash bag on hand. But please don't let its contents accumulate.

Keep your pencils and pens in a secure location where it won't be too easy for you to spill them, let them roll away or otherwise lose them. Generally speaking, the common cup of pens is a bad idea asking for a spill. Instead use a more effective, modern locker organizer.

Instead, magnetic pencil or pen holders are common and are great for keeping these devices handy but out of the way.

If you invest a little more time, effort and a tiny bit of money into creating an efficient, organized way to maintain your locker, when it really counts you will gain a ton of time while saving yourself a ton of stress.