Space has become an expensive basic need by people these days forcing most of us to downsize our lifestyles. Apartments keep getting smaller and more expensive leaving us with the dilemma of owning less or making the most of what we can afford. Gone are those days when you can enjoy the luxury of a chunky couch or a majestic bed and budoir.

Bedrooms no longer become spacious sanctuaries. They get sacrificed to enable to fit a large kitchen or accommodate another bedroom or patio. In the end, it means knowing how to choose the best furniture and fixtures in your bedrooms to allow you to have the essentials of a bedroom and not find yourself cramped in between 4 walls with nothing else for you to do but sleep. Nowadays, furniture makers have taken heed over this growing need for multifunctional pieces of furniture to enable us to make the best of whatever space we can afford to keep and still give us the same level of comfort we deserve.

The bed is one of the bulkiest furniture that a home can't just be complete without. Good news is, furniture designers are such geniuses and thought of loft beds. Loft beds are elevated beds that come with a wide choice of design features to utilize the space below these elevated beds. These type of beds are quite popular in college dorms and studio apartments. Children love loft beds because its add on features give them an area to play and keep their toys in close range. And with some designs, they can even have a slumber party as a pull out trundle can also be accommodated into the basic loft bed. Should you be seriously considering to buy a loft bed, you may want to research and go through some sites that offer loft bed designs. There's a lot of them available online and you just might find some loft bed designs you'll love

The basic design of a loft bed is actually that of a Bunk Bed. Although it may seem like the typical bunk bed with 2 beds piled on top of each other, newer designs have the lower bunks placed perpendicular to the top bunk. This modified design give bigger space for the lower bunk sleeper. They are also built drawers and shelves as well as a vanity table or office desk.

Dresser Loft Beds are built with the same design concept of a raised bed but with a closet, a vanity table and mirror and drawers built underneath or on the sides. If you dont't have much space for a separate dresser this is perfect for you.

Another genius design plan is a Desk Bed. Parents like this because it has a raised sleeping unit and accommodates a work desk underneath. Some designs will have the desk running through the entire length of the bed with some shelves an cubby holes for storage of knick knacks and things most kids in school tend to keep. These desk beds are just about perfect for college co-eds and adults as well who have very small bedrooms. No need to buy a work desk since the unit design lets you enjoy a fully functional work area that can house a computer and all the other stuff that go with it.

Although it can put a bit of dent on your wallet, a Combo bed may just be the most versatile piece of furniture you can ever own. It has both a raised bed, work station and a dresser all built into one unit. The design plans will just give you so much perspective and insipiration it makes you wonder how far these manufacturers have gone with their designs to implement all your needs in such versatile products.

Couch beds on the other hand provide you with an elevated bed and a convert sofa you can convert or pull out into a sleeper futon . It is great for extra seating space when you are entertaining in your room or just a place for you to stretch out and read a book or watch a TV. Some couch beds are also built with a combination of a small work desk with cubby holes and drawers.

You have so much to play around with when you decide to purchase a Loft bed. They are surely the epitome of a multipurpose furniture. So many designs come out in the market and can be quite overwhelming, so take the time to window shop and plan for your needs. It is your best way to beat the need for space and comfort without breaking you budget.