Are your living quarters too small? Whether you're dealing with space restrictions because you reside in a studio apartment, have a small room or are staying in a dorm - loft beds with desks underneath can be a great way to maximize space in cramped quarters. This style of bed can be found in many different designs and styles. There are metal loft beds with desks underneath others made of wood and they can be found in an abundant number of finishes making it easy to blend and match existing decor.

The Studious Student Or the Social Diva

Cappocino colored Wood Loft Bed with Desk UnderneathLoft beds that feature desks below it and built into the framework provides the perfect study area for research and homework focused students whether they are in junior high or college bound. When homework is away it's time to play. If hitting the books is a thought for tomorrow the setup also provides a great area to set up a computer for those who like to socialize via online networks such as Facebook, use the internet to keep in touch with friends or family or even write a letter. If studying and computers aren't your thing the space can be utilized in many other ways from a comfortable place to read a book to a spacious place to store your books.

Maximizing Space in a Small Room

Well, it has already been touched on what the space can be used for but sometimes the room that opens up can be overlooked. Whether you have a twin or full size loft bed with desks underneath it instead of having to have room for both a bed and a desk simultaneously in the room taking up two spaces your bed and desk take up only one small compact space which can now serve a dual purpose. In shared rooms or studio apartments this can be a sanity saving necessity when trying to find a place and room to fit everything.

Metal Vs. Wood Loft Beds with Desks

Metal Loft Bed and Desk ComboChoosing between metal or wood is really going to be a personal preference. Both are offered in enough styles, colors, finishes and price ranges to suit just about any need. Some wood furniture will show scratches and nicks more obviously than furnishings made of meta. However, there are enough tips and tricks available online at your fingertips to minimize the appearance of scrapes and scratches in both wood and metal. So your focus can be left on choosing a material that suits your taste and budget.

Is important when shopping for loft beds to take the following into consideration; sturdiness, your ability, set up and assembly difficulty as well as the space required versus the space you have (this includes the height – floor-to-ceiling as well as the width of space you have available for bed of this nature).

Shopping for Loft Beds with Desks Underneath

There are many retail furniture stores that offer loft beds f with desks or sale if you're working with a budget it is important to shop around as prices can vary drastically from one store to the next. For sometimes better deals, bigger savings and less running around you can also do your bed shopping, comparisons and research right online. Many big-name furniture stores have an online presence and provide Internet shopping and there are many other trusted shopping sites such as Amazon that tend to offer better deals and make reviews from fellow consumers available under most product listings.